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How are you to(w)day?
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Bonus question: what's not right in this picture?
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How to illustrate the proportions of the new Boeing 747 in 1969?

How Many Cars Fit into a Boeing 747?

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How is your view today?
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Count down to your holiday with the KLM Calendar! [ Klmf.ly Link ]
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Chicken or Pasta?

Bon appétit!

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Winter hawk
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1947 | Kitchen | Meals | KLM since 1919
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Because when we say 'we hope you have a pleasant flight', we mean it!

9 tips to make flying as pleasant as possible

What a sky!
A: Copenhagen
B: Stockholm
C: Bern
What do a bicycle, airplane and KLM have in common?

This is what cycling, flying and KLM have in common

Ever wondered where the food onboard of your aircraft comes from?
Just chilling...
It's a blue world
Always a spectacle..
Lavender ready for 'liftoff'
A: Budapest
B: Venice
C: Prague
In the beginning there was Mieke Hoogvorst Klopper

A woman who helped rebuild KLM