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Morning glory
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Let op: morgen staan onze vliegtuigen een uurtje eerder op #zomertijd
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A. Lima
B. Los Angeles
C. Malaga
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Still doubting about becoming a stewardess?

Five reasons why it's amazing to fly for KLM Cityhopper

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Meet Julie, KLM's new social media intern, who is going to continue Joery's mission as his internship has come to an end.
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Lighting up your evening
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UFO or rainbow clouds. Ever spotted them?

Let's Go Cloud Spotting Together

Steering in the right direction
Sing 'Riiiiioooooooo' when you find them all!
When you flush, a journey begins. But what's the destination?

This is What Happens to Your Number Two

1934 | Uiver | DC2 | [ Klmf.ly Link ] | KLM Since 1919 |
Feeling the travel bug? Get your fix in the sale, hop on board and fly away!

Amsterdam from USD 810!

Stairway to heaven
Leaving (on) a cold and frosty morning
Through wind and rain, our intern Joery ventures into the world of Aircraft Towing!
A. Saint Martin
B. Bonaire
C. Curaçao
What does the workout schedule of our engines look like?

As Fit As a... Jet Engine

We have it everyday, G I R L P O W E R! #InternationalWomensDay