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Gardeners, what do you think about the warm winter?

Unseasonably warm weather worries gardeners
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"I think I know what the moral consequences are for me if we don't act. This isn't a moment to be standing idly by," one person involved says.


An underground network is readying homes to hide immigrants
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RECALL ALERT: Little Tikes is voluntarily recalling 540,000 toddler swings after 140 reports of the swing breaking, posing a fall hazard.

Little Tikes recalls 540,000 swings after injuries
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It is believed VX nerve agent was used to kill the half-brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un

VX nerve agent used to kill Kim Jong Nam, police say
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The quick trip around the bases, while wearing his former teammate’s jersey, was emotional for Schlichtig and those who witnessed the special moment

Moment during a local baseball tournament transcends the game
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Elizabeth Snyder and her brother, who is also a police officer, will be in attendance to hear Trump speak

Elizabeth Snyder heading to Washington to hear President Trump speak
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You may have caught this story last night when Courtney Bryant covered it. Today, we gave them a surprise visit! [ Link ]
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We're in Nashville IL for the Storm Mode Tour!!!
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“Every day, I thought about killing myself because it is easier to take the easy way out and end it,” she said.

[ Link ]

As lawmakers debate bathroom bill, transgender woman speaks
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Courtney Bryant had a chance to speak with Governor Eric Greitens. Talk to her now and watch the interview tonight at 10.
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She said she "did it all out of joking around." She believes the incident is being "blown out of proportion."

What do you say? Is it being "blown out of proportion?"

VIDEO: Woman charged with sex crime against 100-year-old dementia patient
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What do you think of this sign? A boutique owner said she sees the sign's message as an attempt to silence women who want to be seen as equals to men.

'Real men provide, real women appreciate it' billboard draws controversy
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In a statement issued through Fox News, Sean Hannity called Alan Colmes "one of life's most decent, kind and wonderful people."

Alan Colmes, liberal voice on Fox, dead at 66
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"They pulled the soles out of his shoes...were looking at his phone, opened up his phone to see if there was anything there," said Peter's father, Andy Haas. "They said this wasn't a routine thing, this was him on a watch list, that someone else had a name similar to his or something of this nature.

14-year-old stunned to find name on terror watch list
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"Instead of buying my kids the latest Jordans or fancy electronics, I paid my rent for the YEAR."

Single Upstate mom's tax return message goes viral
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The leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in Charleston was arrested after jumping a barricade and attempting to take the flag away from a man.

VIDEO: Protester attempts to take Confederate flag on live television
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In another tweet she reportedly wrote, "How many Jews died in the Holocaust? Not enough! HAHAHA."

Pre-school teacher fired over 'Kill some Jews' tweet
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RECALL ALERT: Sargento Cheese has expanded the recall to include more products that were packaged on the same lines as the cheeses recalled last week.

Cheesemaker Sargento expands listeria recall, cuts supplier
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Happy Thursday morning! We have another mild day underway with some cloud coverage.Can you expect the warmth to stick around this weekend?

Watch Kent's video for more.

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