The best kind of seat?
Who else does this apply to?
The crazier the better?
Did you get up to any knitting this weekend?

We'd love to see some of your current projects!
It is the weekend after all!
When your friends ask if you have any plans for the weekend...
We certainly think it counts!
All you need is love . Tag a friend you'd love to knit with!
What's the most creative knitting project you've ever created? We'd love to see the results!
Who's already dreaming of the weekend?
It's Show off Saturday!

Doreen Gill‎ made a few lovely cot blankets to send out to children in third world countries!

Such a great cause, thanks for sharing.
Some things are worth splurging out on!
Fantastic idea for presents Debra Garcia!

Who else crafted their presents?!
It's New Year's Eve!

How will you be celebrating?!
We might need a little more yarn and wool after so much Christmas food!
Keep cosy with this winter warmer...GIANT knitting!

[ Link ]
Just like magic!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Not long now until Santa visits!

Thanks to Brenda Savage for sharing this lovely knitted Santa!