We're anxious for opening day, so it's time to change our profile pic from the snow scene to this! Visit and click on the date(s) you plan on visiting for details!
Another sign of spring! Keep an eye out for new happenings for golfers of all skill levels at Knoebels Three Ponds Golf Club.
Less than two weeks until our annual job fair!:

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- Free entry to 18+ parks
- Team member-only events
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- 25% off in-park food (using team member dinner dollars)
- 25% off ride tickets
- 10% off meals at Nickle Plate Bar & Grill
- 5% off stock merchandise at Knoebel Lumber
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Only TEN weeks until the start of our 2017 season! Purchase your Opening Weekend BOGO passes here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Which day will you be joining us?
- Saturday, April 29:
- Sunday, April 30:

Buy one ride-all-day pass, get one free (of equal or less value)! Free pass must be used on the same day as the purchased pass and is valid Opening Weekend only. Click on the Facebook event link(s)...
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One of our off season tasks is to make even our oldest rides like new again. This looks fantastic, and so many other projects are nearing perfection! Our team has countless talents.
Apparently WWE legend Mick Foley can't resist tasty treats during family trips to Knoebels! Who agrees that "the time for restraint" is NOT while deciding on fudge in Stony Gables?
We hope you're having a wonderful day!
Some lovely stories leading up to Valentine's Day! "All You Need is Love" is the title of an article in today's The News-Item. A number of locals reached out to us to remind us of how many friends have married after meeting at Knoebels, so we promised we'd share this heartwarming article from a local paper.

All you need is love

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Pre-K Day 2017 at Knoebels

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WVIA Family Day 2017 at Knoebels

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We're LIVE at "Snowy Knoebels!" Please excuse the lack of stability... it's a little tricky for Kozmo to walk around in snow boots!
Did you know the name "Nickle Plate Bar & Grill" is a nod to our history? Seen here, is a colorized image of the Nickle Plate train. It was the first miniature train to operate at Knoebels when it made its debut in 1940! Though the engine, the name, and the path it takes have changed, a part of the original Nickle Plate train still lives on at Knoebels today! Anyone know how?
Just one way for us to say, "thank you!"

Check out the event details for more info!

Armed Forces Day 2017 at Knoebels

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We heard a 30-second commercial during last night's big game had quite the hefty price tag. While that didn't fit our budget, we thought maybe you'd still like to see our 2017 commercial!
Such a nice weekend at the American Coaster Enthusiasts #Eastcoaster event. Recapping last season, chatting about what's in store for 2017, and sharing laughs with friends makes us even more excited for our April 29 opening day!

ACEonline.org (@aceonlineorg) posted a photo on Twitter

We asked Kozmo if he wanted to make any weather predictions like Pennsylvania's famous groundhog. He told us he didn't, but he predicts that our regular season pay-one-price plans will not increase from last season's, and that we will continue our traditions of free parking, free admission, free entertainment and free picnic facilities!
Here's an image from a laid-back summer day at Knoebels! Who knows what window we were looking out to take this photo?
Spend Mom’s special day making memories at Knoebels! Let us help create those memories with a free family photo and handmade corsage for the superstar moms visiting us on May 14!

Mother's Day 2017 at Knoebels

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If you had to choose between these two classic kiddie rides, which would get your vote as favorite? "Love" for Panther Cars, or "Like" for Hand Cars!
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Knoebels Job Fair 2017

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