Can anyone pronounce it!
Next in the series of today I learned is from Samhita Prajapati is where all teenagers would like to go and live - an entire island equipped with wi-fi!
The average number of times that a human being blinks in a single day – 15,000
The second in our today I learned series comes from Sreethi Nair who tells us what the true function of a yellow rubber duck is.
The first post comes from Vignesh Rajan, which confirms Santa Claus's identity as Canadian
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Action star and opera star!
Mr Bean
Good Morning
Is there a Test Match going on?
Beloved by Colonel William H Jackson, he set about appointing the tree its own deed. The plaque at the base of the tree says "For and in consideration of the great love I bear this tree and the great desire I have for its protection for all time, I convey entire possession of itself and all land within eight feet of the tree on all sides"
Meet the world's largest robot - Tradinno the fire breathing dragon. Affectionately called Fanny, she measures 15.72 m (51 ft 6 in) in length, 12.33 m (40 ft 5 in) in width and 8.20 m (26 ft 10 in) in height and breathes fire!

World's Largest Robot! - Guinness World Records 2014

Subscribe for more: The largest walking robot measures 15.72 m (51 ft 6 in) in length, 12.33 m (40 ft 5 in) in width, 8.20 m (26...

Good Morning
There are always wigs otherwise.
Any Hufflepuff in the house? Who is more brave - a honey badger (Hufflepuff) or a lion (Gryffindor)?
Or is it, the sly snake (Slytherin) or the intelligent eagle (Ravenclaw)?
Let's listen to some Beatles music shall we?
Good Morning! What colour is your toothbrush?
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