Hello friends...

For the last little while we’ve been heavily immersed in the studio working on our debut album. We’re in the latter stages of production and are making good progress, but it still needs more work. It's a huge undertaking for us, and things have taken longer than expected, but we're still determined to make something we're really proud of, and not to rush it for...
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Last chance to get involved with the Inspected / Movember campaign.
We've been overwhelmed with the support so far, and if you'd like to own our Movember collaborations on vinyl or CD, then now is your opportunity.

Special thanks to Kasper Plougmand & Funilab for the brilliant artwork.

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The Movember Collection

'If You Hadn't'

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'Beyond The Shadows'

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Artwork by Somnovus
For Movember 2016 we've decided to do something a bit different.

This year will see our collaborations from the last 4 years made available on vinyl/CD, accompanied by bespoke pieces of artwork (by Funilab) representing each track.

[ Igg.me Link ]

Incredibly the campaign has already reached its goal in under 48 hours, meaning 100% of all further proceeds will go to Movember Foundation...
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Artwork by Somnovus
The License Hearing for fabriclondon is tonight. Please take a moment to read/sign this petition. Fabric has been hugely influential and supportive to us over the years and it's time to come together and show support for one of the best clubs in the world. #savefabric

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Save London's nightlife. Stop the closure of fabric.

Flying out to South Korea tomorrow.. our first time there!! Playing on this behemoth at the weekend in Seoul

Arcadia Korea 아카디아 코리아
Thanks Boomtown!

Vindaloo Arts.
Thanks to everyone who came down to see us at fabriclondon last weekend, always a pleasure.

by Vindaloo Arts.
Amazing sell out show last night in Bristol with Culprate and Asa

Big big thanks to all of you for coming down!

Photo: Vindaloo Arts.
Big thanks to Vindaloo Arts. for putting together this Shambhala aftermovie for us.

Had an incredible weekend there once again, and hope to be back soon.

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KOAN Sound at Shambhala Music Festival 2015.