Kobus van Rensburg
03/26/2017 at 07:13. Facebook
Get ready to be blessed this morning. The Word, Worship and Wonders will change your life forever
Kobus van Rensburg
03/25/2017 at 18:23. Facebook
Miracles are happening right now at Church. Thank you Jesus
Kobus van Rensburg
03/25/2017 at 16:10. Facebook
Tune into our Live Miracle Meeting. Just click on the link below and be blessed.


Kobus van Rensburg
03/24/2017 at 07:01. Facebook
Prophetic Coffee...What more can I say? @prophetspen
Kobus van Rensburg
03/23/2017 at 18:49. Facebook
IT'S CONFIRMED, Benny Hinn will be at Spirit Word later this year. We cannot wait for this glorious God ordained meeting. Thank you Jesus
Kobus van Rensburg
03/23/2017 at 09:41. Facebook
Today we want to remind you to pray for this Country. South Africa needs Jesus, and South Africa needs prayer. Pray with us as you watch this Video

[ Youtu.be Link ]

South Africa Needs JESUS

Kobus v Rensburg invites you to pray with him for South Africa. In this prayer he boldly states that South Africa desperately needs Jesus more than we need a...

Kobus van Rensburg
03/22/2017 at 16:34. Facebook
I just want to thank everybody who took the time to wish me a happy birthday. It was such a blessing and an honor, I really love all of you.
Kobus van Rensburg
03/22/2017 at 06:57. Facebook
Sunday Morning Church Service
Very excited about tonight's service with Chris Lindberg from Christ Walkers in Canada. Come and be blessed by this service. See you at 6pm.
What a night of Praise and Worship. Giving testimonies about God's goodness
This Wednesday we have an Unplugged Music Session. Join us for a cup of coffee as we will spend some time sharing testimonies. If God has done something good in your life, come and share the good news.
We are so excited to have Chris Lindberg from Christ Walkers with us this Saturday. You will be blessed by him, so come and enjoy the weekend with us
Most of the times we approach God with what we've done this week, not who we are
While people argue whether or not Miracles are real. We will be busy healing the sick. Time to stop arguing and start doing!!!
Make time somewhere today to pray.
It was a great priveledge meeting and praying for the Honorable speaker of Botswana.
Shattered ankle Miraculously healed. Thank you Jesus. Botswana make sure you are at the meeting tomorrow night.