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It’s warming up out there. Feels like it's almost time for the first Strawberry & Lime of the season.
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The small town of Kopparberg is surrounded by crystal-clear lakes. It's this soft, mineral-rich water that makes our fruit cider taste so special #KopparFacts
Today, it feels only right we enjoy a Guinness. But tomorrow, it’s straight back to delicious fruit cider. Happy St. Patrick’s Day.
Cheers, or as we say in Sweden: Skål. But as @bevmoore pointed out, it could also stand for Kopparberg Strawberry and Lime. Our favourite.
Kopparberg literally means 'copper mountain'. Copper taken from local mines was used to paint the town's buildings in the traditional Swedish Falun Red #KopparFacts
Every can we produce comes from the small town of Kopparberg. That’s what makes it so special.
We may be slightly biased, but this is pancake perfection #pancakeday
Kopparberg fruit cider is only 21h 19mins away (depending on traffic).
Kopparberg has 4,200 inhabitants with generations of families having worked in Kopparberg’s Brewery.
Kopparberg: made in Sweden, enjoyed worldwide.
It’s #ValentinesDay. Never mind all the nonsense, have a drink with your friends.
Ok we know it’s cold, but look on the bright side. It’s colder in Kopparberg. #KopparbergInWinter
Kopparberg is a little town nestled amongst the lakes and hills of the Swedish countryside. It's also a delicious fruit cider. #KopparbergFacts
Celebrate the end of Dry January in style. Win one of the last two Kopparkegs in the country, or one of three cases of Kopparberg Blueberry and Lime, plus some Kopparberg goodies.

To win, simply tell us how many Kopparberg flavours you can spot in our prize pic.

(18+ only, competition ends 07.02.16 at 12pm.)
Everything you need to keep dry this January.
To dry Jan or not to dry Jan. We’ve got you covered.
It may be #DryJanuary but you can still...

Introducing Kopparberg Blueberry & Lime, so good it's trending #BlueMonday
These New Year’s resolutions are a doddle just head to [ Kopparberg.co.uk Link ] to find one that suits you.


It’s Fri-Yay…