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Meet sweethearts Ciam and Reilly. Ciam is a transman (meaning he was born female). Reilly is a transwoman (she was born a male). They met online. They fell in love.

It wasn't and isn't easy for them. Siyempre, usually, Ang transman sa ipinanganak na babae nagkakagusto. Ang transwoman sa "tunay na lalaki" nagkakagusto. But in their case, sila daw ang forever ng isat isa and...
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Today we decided to mark our puppies. We have to weigh each one. And how do we know which from the other?

We put velcro collars, color coded!

Now we know who is who! The one in red and pink are the girls!

White and Purple are the lightest at less than 600 grams. All the others are more than 600. Have to make sure the light ones get to drink their share of milk first!
Hi everyone!

People have asked me where I got my origami Christmas ornaments which I decorate my trees with. Well, these are hand made by my genius nephew who is a wiz in origami. I have major pieces in my homes by him and we are working on a one man show abroad soon!

But I got him to make two dozens (yes, ONLY. Each ornament takes 3-5 hours to make) for those who want to buy. I think it...
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Korina Sanchez - Roxas
11/30/2016 at 10:54. Facebook
Goya Update: her first morning as a mommy, Goya is showing she is a caring and responsible mother. She makes sure she doesn't smother any pup and takes care not to step on them when she stands. She lies down for them to have her milk whenever they want it. And they all want it all the time!

She plays with them! So cute! She tosses and turns them with her nose! And then she licks their belly...
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Korina Sanchez - Roxas
11/30/2016 at 10:52. Facebook
Yaaaaaay! Goya finally a mommy!

She wouldnt lick the sack! Had to get the pup out myself!

Had to bring puppy 1 close to her to lick!

Puppy no 1 is a boy!!!!
Korina Sanchez - Roxas
11/30/2016 at 10:44. Facebook
And bakit napakalaking ng ngiti ng babaeng Ito? Well I proudly announce that today at 3 pm I FINALLY did 300 meters in 14 minutes!!! Considering 3 months ago I did not even know HOW to swim, I think I'm giving myself a prize! Maybe pass by the cemetery to break the good news to my Dad who was one of the best swimmers I've seen? Hmmm, let me think...

Nagpapasalamat ako unang una sa lupon ng...
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Korina Sanchez - Roxas
11/27/2016 at 22:11. Facebook
Rated K November 27

I would like you to meet these two kids tonight... They are brother and sister who were both born with an unusual condition. They constantly need blood transfusions...almost every two weeks.

They are always tired and don't even have enough energy to go to school anymore because they walk and not even to play outside the home...

The mother can't help but cry when she was...
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Korina Sanchez - Roxas
11/26/2016 at 16:23. Facebook
We are having a tea party!

Opened my garage sale of silverware in my home from today to next weekend!

Beautiful American and European estate silver I personally curated. Large and medium sized trays, cruet sets, meat servers, candelabras and candlestick holders, coasters, tall vases...

Food warmers

And vintage porcelain in complete sets for 12 plus different flatware. Theyre all beautiful...
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Top 12 Discoveries and Rediscoveries in Singapore

I used to not like going here. My first Christmas experience here was muggy, damp and warm weather (ayaw kong pinagpapawisan ako pag Pasko haha), prices were so high, places far from each other, no greens... I vowed not to come back.

But my last trip in August 2015 back here for a medical checkup and life coaching, being alone, had me...
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An episode full of revelations you never knew about before on Rated K tonight!

Jilam of Zamboanga was born with quite a deformed face. But don't judge him just yet before you hear him sing! Wow!

His idol is April Boy Regino who brought him to tears when they did a duet as a surprise to Jilam.

And meet Gulay Girl trending online...a beautiful face spotted and went viral. She has a heart...
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People ask me about what my tree would be every year. I have this ongoing thing about stripes and polka dots since two years ago so I'm keeping it still...

I'm getting there...using real cypress leaf branches to make the fake tree bigger and very mabango...Amoy Pasko!

Pero for some reason ....Bakit payat parin...hmmmm. KULANG.

Well my friends from ABSCBN couldn't wait and insisted on a...
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Exciting lunch with former ABSCBN colleagues and "war veterans" Kata Inocencio and Becky Cabral. It's been so long since the last reunion!

We had truffle barley soup...

Truffle cream spaghettini...

Beer battered fish...

Roast organic chicken...

And macarons...

Conversation: Getting older and staying healthy. Customized and personalized Christmas tree decorating. Gardening. Happiness and...
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Masaya ang kuwentuhan nanaman mamaya sa Rated K! Don't miss it!

Imagine? Limang taon silang hostage ng mga piratang Somalian? Pati daga kinakain na nila dahil ginugutom sila, sinasaktan, tinatakot. At limang taon na inakala nang patay na sila...

Paano nakalaya ang limang Pinoy seaman na ito? Ikukuwento nila ang dinanas nila sa kanilang pagkabihag...EKSKLUSIBO!

Cafe specially for students!...
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I won't forget my interview with Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil...because I found out they super love dogs. They then told me they would support my work for rescued dogs and cats...

Enrique was quick to make true his promise and sent us a check donation!

Thank you Enrique and Liza!

I told LizQuen about my work for the Laguna Pitbulls of CARA. Here with Mayor Presa of Tiaong, Quezon and Mela...
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A Day in Marikina.

Kay Saya Saya Sa Barangay Nangka, randomly chosen for a day of FUN! Suprise!!!!!

Every Barangay has a favorite hangout. This rolling store of lumpia ng toge is a the popular dig around here. Libreng chismisan for dessert. Uy, masarap ang lumpia ni Mang Dodoy ha.

Free lumpia for everyone 60 and above!

Free ice cream for the children....patok!

Sorry naubusan ng apa....ice...
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ABSCBN's Christmas Station ID launch! Fun!
Didn't you think it was a great show last Sunday on Rated K!??

There are many claims of miracles. I am personally convinced of this one. Actual video of this baby who died for thirty minutes and suddenly came back to life! --the story from the doctor who saw a miracle happen within her own hands.

Naniniwala ka ba sa sumpa? Dahil nagnakaw ng kalabaw ang lolo, naniniwala ang pamilya na isa...
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Imagine, sabihan ka ng Doctor na ang ipinanganak mo na baby ay NAMATAY na. The video of this baby being revived was posted by Dra. Lala Sanchez. The baby girl was declared dead for more than 30 minutes. No pulse, no heartbeat nor oxygen to the brain...

So HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Here she is, little Aria, alive and healthy???? Doctors all say it is IMPOSSIBLE anyone can survive more than 7...
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Loved my wedding anniversary trip to Tokyo. I've been to Japan many times for work and even had my honeymoon here 7 years ago. But this trip was a special one for more than the obvious reason. In this trip I discovered and rediscovered Tokyo. And after 5 days, I wasn't even a third done. But let me share with you the Top 15 reasons why this trip made me love Japan even more.

1. My long walks...
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