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For every Life Insurance confusion, we’ve got a solution. #JanoHamesha
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Spent the whole year mourning about Mr. and Mrs. Smith and forgot to plan for tax? Don’t worry, with Kotak Life Insurance, you can still save tax! Ab #DerKisBaatKi.
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Forgot to plan your taxes while you were trying to catch ‘em all? Start now with Kotak Life Insurance. #DerKisBaatKi?
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Haste when it comes to your returns can leave you with a bad taste.

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What did Budget 2017 say? Kotak Life answers.

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2016 saw 14.5 lakh new cancer cases occurring.

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An estimated 14.5 lakh new cancer cases were registered in 2016.

Cancer can happen anytime to anyone.
Sometimes, #ItsNotYourFault. #WorldCancerDay
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