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8009 kms. 30 days. 12 cities. One amazing cashfree journey. Pankaj Trivedi’s #KonaKonaCashfree journey has finally concluded. Here’s a glimpse of the grand finale event held in Mumbai. bit.ly/kkcfinale
Gear up for the most celebrated marathon of your city on February 5, 2017. Register yourself at your nearest Kotak Bank Branch in Jaipur and get a gift voucher worth Rs 1500. T&C Apply. [ Bit.ly Link ] #KotakRunsWithJaipur
Pankaj enters the Kotak HO at BKC with his fellow bikers. #Konakonacashfree
Pankaj arrives at Kotak Bank HO in BKC with his fellow bikers! #KonaKonaCashfree
The final leg. #KonaKonaCashfree
Poi for breakfast. #KonaKonaCashfree
It is time for the grand finale of Pankaj’s adventurous Cashfree journey. From Rajasthan to Agra, from Varanasi to Chennai, from Bengaluru to Goa and now finally to the city of dreams - Mumbai. Stay tuned and watch this space at 8 a.m. sharp. #KonaKonaCashfree
Pankaj Trivedi's experience on #KonaKonaCashfree Day 27: I write this today, knowing that it is one of the last posts of this adventure. So heavy heart and all that. Really, really heavy.
Today, more than ever, I concluded that there are two kinds of people - bikers and others. And my extremely biased view is that the former win hands down. I spent the day with Aru, Atul, and Alysha. All...
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2 strong teams. 1 tough match. May the best team win! #KonaKonaKhel
Pankaj Trivedi's experience on #KonaKonaCashfree Day 26: My big lesson for the day is to not eat at highway coffee shops. At the best of times their food is nothing to write home about. And at a poorly serviced highway outlet, it's bound to be stale too. But cashfree buyers can't always be choosers! The highway itself was a dream. Triple roads, smooth tarmac, light traffic (because I left...
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With the lovely people at Kotak. Wearing the T-shirt that the artist at Pushkar painted for me. - Pankaj Trivedi
No Cash. Eat Bread. #KonaKonaCashfree
Uday Kotak believes cricket unites all and helps make India a fully inclusive society. #KonaKonaKhel
Pankaj is reaching Goa. Make his stay memorable by suggesting all the things he can do in Goa, absolutely cashfree. #KonaKonaCashfree
Parking by Card. #KonaKonaCashfree
Pankaj Trivedi's experience on #KonaKonaCashfree Day 24: If you're a biker in Bangalore, you just have to visit Moto Cafe and Stores. Even if you're not a biker, it's a cool place to visit. The food's fabulous (and cashfree of course) and it's a great hangout that loosens ones limbs and tongue. I swapped stories with other bikers. I met a couple who were going round the world on bikes....
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In a nation that eats, sleeps and breathes cricket, see how the visually impaired realise their passion for the sport. #KonaKonaKhel
From Rajasthan to Varanasi, from Chennai to Bengaluru; Pankaj’s Cashfree journey is full of challenges and adventures. Meet Pankaj as he comes to your city, share your cashfree stories and take home a special gift. #KonaKonaCashfree