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Robert Nelson
Jose Luis Nigo Lagunas
Adrian Ramsey
Thick Thighs Save Lives
Thick Thighs Save Lives
Donovan Montgomery
Luismig Lovera
Laurisete Pereira Dos Santos
Only the good die young...
Only the good die young
Jason Turner
Enrique Alvarez
Taranthony Tyler
Who's ready for #HOLLYWOODcarnival ?!?
ME! so excited to be jumping w/ @epicmasband & @machelmontano again this year! Make sure you use my code: KREESHA
To get a discount on your costume
(15% discount code KREESHA to be a part of the biggest dance party on Hollywood Blvd. (offer expires June 1)
Lincoln Williams
Felip Prats Cugat
Emmanuelle V. Vavavoom
LA! It's almost that time of year again! #HOLLYWOODcarnival!
Super excited to be jumping w/ @EPICmasBand & @machelmontano again! Did you get your costume yet?!?!?? .
Use CODE: KREESHA (for a discount)
Buy your costume online at with my 15% discount code KREESHA to be a part of the biggest dance party on Hollywood Blvd. (offer expires June 1)
#EpicMasBand #machelmontano ...
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LA It's almost that time of year again HOLLYWOODcarnival
Felip Prats Cugat
Nicholas Hollins
Art Lillard Jr.
Lost in nostalgia
Lost in nostalgia
Donovan Montgomery
João Alves Santos Alves
Ricky Rampersad
Trust the process...
Trust the process
Pablo Guzman
Ramon Carvajal
Edison Utale
Am I the only one willing to admit that I'm not a savage?
Over the years I kept having people tell me I'm too nice, I'm too trusting, I'm too naive. so I tried to care less and only ended up breaking my own heart. Taking on characteristics & behaviors not of my nature. I got lost. Subconsciously competing with others raised in a mentality I know nothing about.
For a second It felt like I...
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Am I the only one willing to admit that I'm not a savage
Antonio Lockridge
Raymond Jones
Bruce Aiir Breeze
Attack is proof that your enemies believe in you..
Attack is proof that your enemies believe in you
Mark A. Walker
Felip Prats Cugat
Patrick Humphrey
Elevate me. Comfort me. Share with me.
Elevate me Comfort me Share with me
Felip Prats Cugat
Donovan Montgomery
Rudyard Kiplyn Anderson
#Zumba for breakfast, lunch & dinner
Song: "i will be here" by Kreesha Turner
Avalible on #iTunes

#Zumba #Zumbawear #ZumbaCruise #ZumbaCruise2017 Zumba Fitness
Staid Staind Sunday Sunday
Kelvin Lima
#Zumba Ready in my #Zumbawear on this #ZumbaCruise #NeverStopDancing
Outfit by @zumbawear
Zumba Fitness
Zumba Ready in my Zumbawear on this ZumbaCruise NeverStopDancing
Donovan Montgomery
Sky Walker
Jermaine Gentry
Set by @klosetenvy by @jai_nice

Set by klosetenvy  by jainice
Nadine Edmond
Ernie Bolding
Leonardo Victoria
My Lil brother Trent always be on tho
& my other brother Jamis be in the background laughing #familyAntics #yeaIgot2brothers
Lolitha Carter
Taranthony Tyler
Brian Williamson
‪Set by Kloset Envy
Set by Kloset Envy
Ernie Bolding
James Mills
Daniel Reid
Derby Samm Quilla Inquilla
Terrell Elijah
Kelvin Lima
S/o to Krave Spring Break for having me back again this year!
Had so much fun performing for ya'll! Everyone showed me so much love it was like partying with friends & family I've know for years! Xoxo
#kravespringbreak2017 #kreeshaturner #kravespringbreak
Rudyard Kiplyn Anderson
Amalia Morgan
Lincoln Williams
Ease up...
Swimsuit from:
Ease up

Swimsuit from wwwshopredstarcollectioncom
Felip Prats Cugat
Felip Prats Cugat
Antonio Bryant Paulette
Carnival 2017!!!! EPIC MAS Band #HollywoodCarnival

Click link to listen to my #KreeMix of Ed Sheeran "Shape of You" [ Youtube.com Link ]
Marlene Salmon
Ahmed Omar