KT Tunstall
03/26/2017 at 20:33. Facebook
"Tunstall caught during casual rave up with Smurfs in Hollywood last night" LOL!! I'm SO proud to have written a song for the new Phim Xì Trum Movie Smurfs: The Lost Village ! Co-written with the amazing @ChrisLennertz ~ one of my favourite people in the world! Premieres next week xxx
KT Tunstall
03/24/2017 at 08:37. Facebook
WOW! Phenomenal artwork by Kelly Bensley ❤
Today's writing inspiration via David Shrigley.
THANK YOU USA !! ❤ What an amazing tour. So much love, energy, good vibes, laughs, marriage proposals, ghosts, witches, talking ducks, let's do it again SOON!! Love KT xxx (pic by @tx1222 on Twitter)
This is what it feels like to play a GREAT SHOW in a GREAT THEATER for a GREAT CROWD!! ❤ I love playing live. Xxx
That feeling when you're flying...⚡
(By Cynthia Wagner)
What's up.
Laydeez in RED!! Great show in Birmingham, Alabama tonight at the WorkPlay Theatre on International Women's Day! ❤⚡
Happy International Women's Day! I will be wearing red today to support the women's strike to show the power of women in society and the ongoing need for equality of rights and pay. And to celebrate, here's a bit of sweary defiance from me in interview with MusicWeek after being awarded their Inspirational Artist Award, which meant a great deal to me:

[ Musicweek.com Link ]
KT will be performing at this year's Standon Calling Festival!
Sending love from the road. Thank you always for supporting me in doing what I do best. ❤⚡ LIVE MUSIC 4EVA!!! Xxxx

(Photo via Wilf Randall on Facebook)
Couldn't resist The Egg Performing Arts Center
Great architecture in Albany, NY ~ and tonight's venue is The Egg!!
THANKYOU FAIRFIELD!!! ⚡????❤ Fairfield Theatre Company
This National Geographic photo is E V E R Y T H I N G ❤ Protect our world.
Midget thug with kitchen utensils. Watch yer back. Live at the Ludlow Garage See you in 45 Cincinnati!!!
DAY ONE OF THE US TOUR!! Playing the A & R Bar, Columbus.
LETS GO, O-HI-O!! ❤ Anyone reminded of the 'Hold On' video?! xxx
GAME ON!! If you are joining me for any of my upcoming US shows, reply below this post with the name of the town or city of the show you are attending, along with your cover suggestion, and you can challenge me to a different cover every night! I'll give a shoutout at the gig to whoever's suggestion I pick!
(Ps. Considering this for the U.K. tour, but gonna test run it to make sure I don't...
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