After days of snow showers and rain, we finally have something that looks like Spring.
After days of snow showers and rain we finally have something that looks like Spring
Fredrik Larsson
Ajoo Arif Jehda-Oh
Loïc Zimmer
Swedes on the march for science in Stockholm.
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Vinko Rajic
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Scientists, students and concerned citizens will gather around the world on Saturday to march in support of robustly funded and publicly communicated science. In Stockholm, KTH is taking part in the city's local March for Science demonstration.
On the first day back after a long holiday weekend, KTH was treated to an impressive spring snowfall.
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Kenlys Mercado
In the aftermath of Friday’s deadly terror attack in Stockholm, KTH President Sigbritt Karlsson used her weekly blog to speak out against “perilous and irrational anti-intellectualism”, and to reaffirm the role of academia in an open society. [ Link ]
In the aftermath of Fridays deadly terror attack in Stockholm KTH President

The role of academia in our open society
Niklas Arbin
Nils Dahlbäck
KTH is flying the Swedish flag at half mast in honor of those who lost their lives due to the act of terrorism that took place in Stockholm on Friday. At noon today, Monday April 10 KTH invites staff and students to observe one minute of silence in the KTH Library.
KTH is flying the Swedish flag at half mast in honor of
Kuranes Eis
Norbert Kopka
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The fashion industry touches on billions of people’s lives – so making it more sustainable is important work. An innovation bootcamp was held at KTH this week for the winners of the Global Change Award, a challenge in which KTH is a proud partner along with H&M Foundation and Accenture. The challenge awards green, groundbreaking ideas for protecting the planet by making fashion circular. Meet...
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Plasma – the stuff of solar winds and auroras – is being harnessed by researchers at KTH to reduce fuel consumption in long haul trucks. It’s about attacking aerodynamic drag with devices that ionize surrounding air and produce electric winds. [ Link ]
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2,885 innovations from 130 countries were entered into the competition for this year’s Global Change Award, in which KTH is a proud partner. Now it’s up to you to decide which groundbreaking innovations should share a €1,000,000 grant as well as a one-year innovation accelerator provided by KTH, Accenture and H&M Foundation. Read about these exciting ideas and vote at [ Link ]
2885 innovations from 130 countries were entered into the competition for this
Maaheen Khan Khan
Maaheen Khan Khan
It’s World Water Day and KTH is hosting a major event to launch its new WaterCentre@KTH. The centre is devoted to connecting experts, practitioners and policymakers, as well as scientists from different fields, to find innovations for a sustainable future of clean water for all. Learn more about the centre and its projects at [ Link ]
Its World Water Day and KTH is hosting a major event to

WaterCentre@KTH – Innovations for the Blue Planet
Sajid Idrisi
Maaheen Khan Khan
To kick off World Water Day, take a look at this sustainable, non-toxic antibacterial material made from wood cellulose. Anna Ottenhall, a PhD in the School of Chemical Science and Engineering, is testing the material for water filtration in emergency situations - such as in refugee camps. It's just one example of the kind of work being done at KTH to meet the challenge of providing clean...
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Tobias Vogt
KTH continues to rise in the global subject ranking of engineering and technology. The QS World University Rankings by Subject places KTH at 29th worldwide, compared with its ranking at 36th in 2015 – the last time the engineering and technology subject rankings were published. KTH’s overall gain in the QS subject ratings came in spite of lowered rankings for specific subject areas, which...
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KTH continues to rise in the global subject ranking of engineering and

KTH | KTH climbs overall in QS engineering and tech rankings
Raymond Johansson-Rojo
Giannis John Nebaris
Aadithya Ganesh
Happy first day of Spring!
Happy first day of Spring
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Y Viswanath Dash
Ingela Nelson
“STEM is for us,” is the International Women’s Day message of this new video from the #WWYS15 campaign. The campaign asks students and professionals in the STEM fields to upload their own stories to inspire teen girls to take an deeper interest in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and maths. Read more and find out how you can contribute your own message at [ Link ]
Are you a woman in STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) - either professional or student? What if today you could send a message to yourself at the age of 15 and tell that girl about the challenges and triumphs you’ve experienced on your journey. What advice would you offer? Visit our campaign page and create your own video message to inspire girls around the world with your...
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Are you a woman in STEM science technology engineering or math either
A great way to observe tomorrow’s International Women’s Day would be to join a Science magazine webinar with KTH Associate Professor Emma Lundberg, a women-in-STEM rising star who leads the Cell Atlas project. A part of the Human Protein Atlas project, the Cell Atlas is contributing further to our understanding of human biology and disease. Lundberg and KTH Professor Mathias Uhlén will co-host...
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A great way to observe tomorrows International Womens Day would be to
Are you a woman in STEM? Join in our ‘What Would You Say?’ campaign and reach out to young girls around the world with your own personal message of inspiration. Here’s how it works. #WWYS15
We kick off a celebration of women in STEM this Spring with breakthrough news from KTH researcher Elira Maksuti, the lead author in an international study that proves for the first time how hydraulic forces help the heart fill with blood. The finding could lead to new treatments for millions suffering from heart disease. [ Link ]
Edmond Maksuti
Isabelle Svedlund Nordström