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X Rated Blush ???? available now on $20
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Swatches ???? which blush is your favorite?
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My new blushes launch today at 3pm on
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Sneak peek of my shoot with Flaunt for #theheartbreakissue
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X RATED! X RATED was previewed in the Valentines Edition Diary and is one of Kylie's go to blushes!
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BLUSHES!!! I'm beyond excited to welcome these to the Kylie Cosmetics family! I'm obsessed with blush and it's a dream that I can finally have MY OWN! can't wait for you guys to experience these build-able Matte beauties! They launch this Friday at 3pm pst only on Kylie Cosmetics
Limited DropOne pieces back in stock
my very very limited new tee just dropped on
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happy birthday big brother .. my twin soul
#VELVET liquid lipsticks launch TODAY at 3pm! Kylie Cosmetics
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#VELVETS launching tomorrow at 3pm pst only on
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