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SUPER EXCITED about this weekend's annual #rootstocksydney at Carriageworks - this Friday, on the eve of Rootstock we are hosting a very special #billykwong Rootstock Wine Dinner, 'From the Qvevri to the Veil'. We are so thrilled to be welcoming to our #billykwong table, #LauraSeibel - Laura was born and raised in Arbois in France's deep, green sanctuary - the Jura. Her influence on the...
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Absolutely loving this time of the year in Australia which provides us with a bounty of delicious, pristine quality, seafood choices. On my 'Specials' this evening we take you on a journey around the country: 'Stir-fried #MarkEather Pippies ( Coorong SA ) w Black Bean, Chilli, BK Organic Thin Egg Noodles', 'Tartare or #MarkEather Wild-Caught Yellowtail Kingfish ( Bermagui NSW ), 'Stir-fried...
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'Stir-fried #MarkEather Calamari ( Flinders Island TAS), with Saskia Beer Farm Produce Caramelised Black Berkshire Pork Belly ( Barossa Valley SA ), Native Sea Parsley, Sea Blite, Samphire Outback Pride Fresh ( Reedy Creek SA ), our BK Chilli Sauce' - we chefs can only be as good as the quality of our produce. #billykwong open from 5.30pm with walk-in availability at our bar.
'Stir-fried #MarkEather Vongole ( SA ) with Black Bean, Chilli + Organic Thin Egg Noodles', 'Crispy Organic Salt Bush Cakes', 'Caramelised Burrawong Gaian Poultry Duck Hearts with Chilli-Salt, Lemon', 'Deep-fried #MarkEather Whole John Dory with XO Sauce' - #billykwong open from 5.30pm this evening with walk-in availability at our bar
'Steamed Prawn Wontons with Organic Brown Rice Vinegar Dressing', 'Deep-fried Burrawong Gaian Poultry Duck with Blood Orange and Davidson's Plum', 'Tartare of #MarkEather Wild-Caught Yellowtail Kingfish', 'Steamed Spanner Crab and Prawn Dumplings' - #billykwong open from 5.30pm this evening with walk-in availability at our bar. #pennylane_photo
Steamed Mini Pork Buns made with our BK 'The Wayside Chapel Rooftop Honey', 'Stir-fried Outback Pride Fresh Native Greens', 'Steamed Vegetable and Warrigal Greens Dumplings', 'Crispy Organic Salt Bush Cakes', 'Tartare of #MarkEather Yellowtail Kingfish', 'Steamed Spanner Crab and Prawn Dumplings' +
BK RivaReno Gelato Australia Macadamia Nut Gelato - #billykwong open 5.30pm this evening with...
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'From The Qvevri To The Veil' - John Wurdeman, John Okruashvili , Olek Bondonio, Jean-Jacques Morel, Laura Seibel. In celebration of natural wine, it's winemaking culture and diversity, #billykwong has the pleasure of hosting five of its greatest European artisans: John Wurdeman and John Okruashvili ( Georgia ), Olek Bondonio ( Piedmont ), Jean-Jacques Morel (...
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"Having grown up in country NSW I'm always attracted to communities who welcome and nurture bespoke, sustainable and ethical practices in the creation of their produce. Port Lincoln, South Australia is one of my fave communities as I am so proud of their willingness to envelop the extreme artisanal standard that I set and demand from them. A very, very special place with some very special...
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I'll never forget the words of #MADYale Professor Smita Narula - Human Rights Scholar and Activist, "Want less. Bring more. Take care of self by being connected to a community." My staff and I absolutely love being connected to our global MAD Yale University Yale Sustainable Food Program community, as well as to our thriving, creative local community. Community and collaboration mean...
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Scenes from MAD Yale - Lucky Peach

What we love doing the most at #billykwong is to source the best quality, sustainable Australian native ingredients. We then draw upon our rich Chinese heritage for recipe ideas. We integrate these two very different 'worlds' to create an authentic offering of 'Australian-Chinese' cuisine. On our 'Specials' this evening: 'Stir-fried Ballina Spanner Crab w XO, Lemon Aspen, Sticky Pork', 'Crispy...
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"From the early days, in China for example where some vessels containing an alcoholic drink with traces of plants ( like wormwood ) were discovered recently, & also in India, Egypt, Greece or the Romans, where we have proof of wine mixed w botanicals; either to flavour, preserve or improve the quality, wine has always been associated w plants. Only since the 18thC wine is consumed & venerated...
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Aboriginal elder #AuntyBerylVanOploo tells me, "My personal dictionary has only three words; Communication, Education and Respect" - Join #AuntyBeryl and another one of my amazing life mentors, Outback Pride Fresh Gayle Quarmby, this Saturday morning CARRIAGEWORKS FARMERS MARKET at Carriageworks. As part of Good Food Month we shall be doing a cooking demonstration and presentation together. We...
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Looking forward to feeding you all at CARRIAGEWORKS FARMERS MARKET, Carriageworks tomorrow! - 245 Wilson St Darlington 8am-1pm #porkbuns #pancakes #porkdumplings #billykwongpottspoint
In this video we are rolling and shaping a fresh batch of 'Vegetable Dumplings', filled with Outback Pride Fresh Warrigal Greens, Silver Beet, Fresh Black Fungus and Ginger. #billykwongpottspoints open tonight from 5.30pm, bookings either online, via phone + walk-in availability at our bar.
This is what 'making #billykwong XO Sauce' sounds and looks like - serving this new batch tonight with 'Deep-fried #MarkEather Whole John Dory' and our 'Homestyle Fried Biodynamic Eggs'. #MarkEather Goolwa Pippies also on offer, along with our Burrawong Gaian Poultry Duck with Blood Oranges & Davidson's Plum. Open from 5.30pm with walk-in availability at our bar
Our wonton skin pastry is made with our bespoke #billykwong Wholegrain Milling blend of organic wheat flour, mixed with biodynamic eggs. We fill our wontons with sustainably sourced #SpencerGulfPrawns , ginger, shallot, Tamari, sesame oil. Today we will be offering our 'Steamed Prawn Wontons w Organic Brown Rice Vinegar Dressing' and our 'Crispy Prawn Wontons w Sweet Chilli'. We are open for...
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Stir-fried #MarkEather Pippies (Goolwa, SA) w XO Sauce, Caramelised Pork Belly, Sea Parsley, Samphire, Sea Blite, Bower spinach / Caramelised Burrawong Gaian Poultry Duck Hearts w Chilli-Salt & Lemon / Steamed Prawn Wontons w Brown Rice Vinegar Dressing / Homestyle-fried Biodynamic Eggs w XO & Tamari. #billykwongpottspoint open from 5.30pm this evening with walk-in availability at our bar.
Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow at my masterclass at Carriageworks from 11am to 12noon.

I will be demonstrating dishes that express my version of ‘Australian-Chinese’ fare in addition to sharing my stories about where my passion for food comes from and my inspirations from participating in René Redzepi’s recent #MAD5 Symposium, held in Copenhagen, Denmark. If you haven’t booked...
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Steamed Spanner Crab & Prawn Dumplings / Red-braised, Caramelised Saskia Beer Farm Produce Black Berkshire Pork Belly w Black Bean, Chilli / Deep-fried #MarkEather Whole Sand Whiting w XO Sauce, Sea Parsley / Stir-fried Ballina Spanner Crabs / Stir-fried Asparagus, Zucchini Flower, Baby Kale - #billykwongpottspoint open from 5.30pm with walk-in availability at our bar.
Steamed #kinkawookashellfish Mussels w Sorrel, Sea Blite, Sichuan Chilli / Stir-fried Asparagus, Zucchini Flowers, Baby Kale / Fresh Green Salad w The Wayside Chapel BK Rooftop Honey, Tamari, Lemon / Deep-fried Whole #MarkEather John Dory ( Eden NSW ) w XO, Sea Parsely / Deep-fried Whole #MarkEather Snapper ( Coffs Harbour NSW ) w Black Bean, Chilli' / Crispy Burrawong Gaian Poultry Duck w...
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