Kylie Kwong
Kylie Kwong
04/22/2017 at 04:25. Facebook
Instagram is an integral part of my business life ... as a restaurateur in this highly competitive market I think it is so important to constantly engage and maintain a certain energy. I also love the visual aspect of #instagram, for me it is such a great channel of communication and creative expression. Interesting article in today’s Financial Review, enjoy the read everyone, KK #AFR
Instagram is an integral part of my business life as a restaurateur

Kylie Kwong and other top chefs on how to use Instagram to be successful
Janelle Homan
Gladys Burlinson
Kate Linton
Kylie Kwong
Kylie Kwong
04/20/2017 at 06:18. Facebook
Apart from planning the daily menu, handwriting the nightly specials, managing the staff, the overall direction of the business, working on creative collaborations and community projects ( plus all the rest! ) I love devoting a lot of time each day to doing social media - such a powerful and beautiful channel of communication and engagement with the world; a brilliant way to create colour and...
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Katie Long
Brett Evans
Theresa Sheriff
Kylie Kwong
Kylie Kwong
04/19/2017 at 06:21. Facebook
"Please tell us about the dessert you are serving #AnalieseGregory for #Chefsfeast The World's 50 Best Restaurants ... ? I feel really inspired by all of the enormously talented and highly enthusiastic, engaged, energetic and innovative young chefs we have in this country, including #OTamaCarey Lankan Filling Station #JemmaWhiteman Pinbone #DanielleAlvarez #BenSears - and of course, I loved...
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"Who would I love to most interview for the inaugural ‘Chef on Chef’ column for the AFR? The extremely special Josh Niland of Sydney fish restaurant Saint Peter, Paddington. Enjoy reading about this young chef’s views on sustainability, social media and the future of food. Thanks so much Josh and thank you Jill Dupleix and AFR for inviting me to take part in this great new concept, KK!"...
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Who would I love to most interview for the inaugural Chef on

Chef on chef: Kylie Kwong interviews Josh Niland
Red-braised, Byron Bay Black Berkshire Pork Belly w Steamed Organic Savoury Pancakes, Caramel-Tamari and lashings of BK Chilli - open from 5.30pm ...
Jayde Ryan
Robert Wayne Mazur
Travis Furber
Here is a snapshot of last week’s #ChefsFeast event on St Kilda Beach, Melbourne. It was so amazing being able to showcase this country’s stunning fresh produce to some of the world’s greatest chefs and foodies. I offered our Billy Kwong ‘Crispy Organic Saltbush Cakes with Organic Tamari & BK Chilli’ and ‘Grilled Mark Eather Moreton Bay Bug Tails w BK XO, Outback Pride Fresh Native Coastal...
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June Fong Kee
Kavita Angel
Christine Moraza Lewington
Neil Perry | Rockpool working hard as always 'on the tools' The World's 50 Best Restaurants - the food offering to all of our international guests this week has been beyond amazing. We are SO, SO, SO lucky in this country with daily access to such superior quality, variety and abundance of fresh, fresh, fresh produce. All of which is so carefully and mindfully grown, cultivated, caught,...
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Carl Rick
Soledad Amanda Quintero
Theresa Sheriff
SO AMAZING to have the opportunity to offer some of the world’s greatest chefs and foodies our stunning Australian produce and generosity of spirit, last Tuesday on St.Kilda Beach, Melbourne for The World's 50 Best Restaurants. Congratulations to #BenShewry, #DanHunter and #DavidThompson in particular, KK! XXXX Visit Melbourne The New York Times
SO AMAZING to have the opportunity to offer some of the worlds

How Melbourne Landed the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Awards
"Through this community of chefs we can really change the world." - Massimo Bottura - Osteria Francescana continuing to inspire all of this morning with his reflections upon what The World's 50 Best Restaurants has created, with its ability to bring so many chefs from all around the world together, in the one room. Last night was indeed one of the highlights of my cooking career. Being able to...
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Through this community of chefs we can really change the world Massimo
Jack Murphy
VERY exciting time right now for all of we chefs and restaurateurs in Australia, as we cease upon this amazing opportunity to showcase this country's sublime and superior quality produce - to all of the visiting international chefs and foodies here for The World's 50 Best Restaurants - in video my chef rolls and shapes pastry for this evening's 'Steamed Vegetable Dumplings w Warrigal Greens.'...
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Anna Konstantinidis
Michelle Blandford
Rose Élisabeth Dadley
'Many historical paintings of mother and child depict the archetypal pairing of the Madonna and Christ, with her body supporting his either cherubic child or as limp figure post-crucifixion. Nell's 'Mother of the Dry Tree ( 2017 )' is an unusual portrait of a mother and son that draws on this biblical coupling but refracts it through the artist's own lens. In place of human figures are Nell's...
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OK ... just wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes video with you. I shot this recently in the back room area of Billy Kwong - it gives you a really great sense of the vibe and feel of our BK group bookings and 'Kylie's Table' set-ups. Chinese food is all about sharing and feasting isn't it, so I feel really excited that I have this beautiful room with its spaciousness and ability to seat...
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Merridy Moore
Janine Onaca
Doreen F Plouffe
Hi everyone, this is my 'Red-braised, Caramelised Pork Belly with Fresh Finger Limes' recipe published in today’s Good Food… I’ll also be serving this dish tonight at Billy Kwong from 5.30pm. Thanks Good Food, The Sydney Morning Herald hope you enjoy it! KK XX
Hi everyone this is my Redbraised Caramelised Pork Belly with Fresh Finger

Red-braised, caramelised pork belly with fresh finger limes
Pete Govan
Medina See
Debbie Fred Guest
THRILLED to be able to share my stories and passion with you on 'Episode 7' ( now live ) of recently launched The Pass The Pass Food Podcast. This excellent podcast is the 'Insiders guide to food and restaurants, from the insiders' - hosted by Magdalena Roze Official - I really enjoyed sharing my thoughts, observations and experiences on food and life with #thepassau and I especially loved...
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THRILLED to be able to share my stories and passion with you
Noel Reilly
The inspired UNICEF Australia #cookforsyria campaign has raised over $65,000 during this month of March across Sydney and Melbourne. Thank you to all of you who joined our Australian cooking community and who gave and supported in all sorts of ways. We still have 5 days left of March! This evening my #cookforsyria dish at BK is: 'Cantonese-style Fried Rice w XO Sauce, Sticky Pork, Seared...
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Randall Tutton
Miku Japanese
'Cantonese-style Soup with freshly rolled Mark Eather Scallop & Prawn Dumplings, Organic Thin Egg Noodles, Seared Clarence River King Prawns', 'Stir-fried Local Yabbies with XO, Sticky Pork, Fingerlimes' - BK open from 5.30pm with walk-in availability at our bar.
David Smart
Monty Pie McPhillips
Janelle Homan
"We are not victims. We are endowed with so much potential provided we learn the tools and are exposed to the best examples". Many of you will remember this extraordinary young person who gave a brilliant key note at MAD #MADSYD #ChidoGovera Chido Govera - a farmer, campaigner, and educator who teaches mushroom cultivation to thousands of people across the world. As a social entrepreneur in...
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We are not victims We are endowed with so much potential provided
Indigenous artist #AlanGriffiths is respected as a senior lawman with authority throughout the Victoria River and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, where he is an artist, song man and dancer. For the #nationalau The National, Griffiths and 15 dancers from his community will perform the Bali Bali Balga, a traditional East Kimberley cultural ceremony that tells dreaming about country, the...
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Today I've been reflecting upon René Redzepi's closing speech at #MAD5 MAD 2016 - he makes reference to the refreshing and clear viewpoints and ideas of some of the 'millenials' who were in attendance that weekend. "We want to work, we want to be challenged. We don't want to just 'follow' anymore. We want to be a part of it!" Isn't that incredibly inspirational? I just LOVE this 'energy'....
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My #cookforsyria dish this evening is 'Sung Choi Bao of Saskia Beer Farm Produce Chicken w Outback Pride Fresh Munyeroo ( the wholesome looking and completely delicious, crunchy textured, 'sour' tasting green plant you can see added to the wok at the end of this stir-fry - native purslane ) & Aleppo Pepper'. Plus on offer, 'Stir-fried Local Yabbies w Black Bean, Chilli, Sticky Pork', 'XO Fried...
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Jingyuan Liu
Loz Campbell
Katrina Medina