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Colorista inspo for our brunette beauties! @brattyb used Aqua700, Purple400 and Indigo500 to create this gorgeous ombre effect.
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Keep it creative! @chloedumont has fun layering and creating an infinite number of looks with Infallible Paints.
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@boyuba shows us how #SkinGoals come true with new Hydra Genius Liquid Care. Combination skin to very dry, there's a formula for you :)
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The ladies from Montreal's L'Oréal Paris team show you how easy it is to style like a pro using Studio Pro. Watch the tutorials here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Pretty in pink for Valentine's Day! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We say ‘‘yes’’ to fun coloured hair on the red carpet !!! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Meet your mascara soulmate: Voluminous Primer! Simply layer the nourishing formula under your favourite L'Oréal Paris mascara for a perfect match! [ Bit.ly Link ]
We love how easily this classic red carpet look from Jill Lansky can be worn for our own special moments!
Bold graphic liner anyone? The Grammy Award beauty looks are inspired! Easily recreate some of your favourites with our Infallible Paints Collection [ Bit.ly Link ]
Glowing skin is definitely a thing tonight at the Grammy Awards! Amazed by J.Lo and her signature look! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Trending on the Grammy Awards Red Carpet: Monochromatic Peach Hue !
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DIY Red (#324) or Spicy Blush (#314) this Valentine's Day ? [ Bit.ly Link ]
Allana Davison picked Hydra Genius Liquid Care for her very dry skin! The formula is complete with aloe water & hyaluronic acid to soothe and moisturize and comfort flaking and tight skin!
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''Infallible Total Cover Foundation ($19) for those who crave a high-coverage formula with an air-light texture'' by Beautezine. Read the full article: [ Bit.ly Link ]
''When in doubt, wing it out in colour'' @krystalclearnakeup using Infallible Paints Intrepid Teal Liquid Liner + Spicy Blush Paints Lips! Discover the full collection: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Beautiful makeup starts with beautiful hydrated skin – Get ready to discover the benefits of Hydra Genius Liquid Care Moisturizer infused with pure aloe water! Be the first to try it - Enter our giveaway here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

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What about Mermaid Hair this weekend? Quick DIY using Colorista Pink, Purple & Blue!