75% of hairdressers' job-related health issues are due to MSDs.

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Did you know it takes just 15 minutes per day to help prevent Musculo Skeletal Disorders?

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Looking for a rich, permanent hair dye to revive your look this winter? Ask your #lorealpro colorist about Majirel to achieve your perfect shade!

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Instagram photo by L’Oréal Professionnel Turkiye • Jan 6, 2017 at 1:40pm UTC

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#TrendAlert! Feeling peachy ? Another great cut and color spotted on the street !
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Upgrade your winter look with a fresh hair color ! And don't forget to ask your colorist for #Smartbond to protect your hair during the coloring process ✊
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New Year's Resolutions:
Bullet Journaling ✔
Going to the gym ✔
Hair coloring ✔

#Majirel provides perfect coverage for a perfect start to 2017 !
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Revive your hair in 2017 with these helpful suggestions for rescuing over-processed locks!

How to save over-processed hair

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Say 'goodbye' to dry, damaged ends and give your locks a new start! Check out this bob haircut by Ramirez Tran Salon for inspiration!
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Will you try bangs this season? After seeing these 4 stars who wear them oh-so-well, you just might!

Bangs: 4 stars to draw inspiration from for a new look in 2017

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Join L'Oréal Professionnel and Matthew Collins in the #allagainstMSDs movement! Share your own photo and download the 15'Coach app to battle Musculoskeletal Disorders
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When it comes to texture, do you prefer sleek and straight or perfectly textured? Cast your vote!

Hikari Mori: sleek vs messy hair

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Hairistas , do you know the key to perfectly lived in waves?
It's all about texture!

Instagram video by Los Angeles | NYC Hairstylist • Oct 17, 2016 at 2:36pm UTC

Channel your summer stye all winter long with this tutorial for beach waves by Matthew Collins! ☀

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Instagram video by Matthew Collins ✂️ • Aug 16, 2016 at 12:19am UTC

Whip your hair back and forth, hypnotized by this tecni.ART next day hair

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Instagram video by Los Angeles | NYC Hairstylist • Oct 27, 2016 at 5:07am UTC

Have you found your 2017 color and cut? Check out our favorite looks

#hairgoals: Instagram hair inspiration to change your style for 2017

What is the secret to this platinum hair look? ▶▶▶▶▶ SMARTBOND! Dare a new color without damaging your hair #onlyinsalon
New Year means New Color thanks to Smartbond! What new colors will you dare this year?
Hairstylist Survival Kit : A few key brushes and fine hairspray are pretty much a minimum for any look.

What are your hair staples?
Take a look at our top tips for beating the fabric frizz!

How to tame static hair in the winter