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Enjoy yourself while helping save the planet this Earth Hour. La Cremeria®, your perfect companion in the dark.
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Had a rough day?
Take a moment,
Take a deep breath,
Relax your mind with a La Cremeria® pint.
The combination of Chocolate and Caramel is so divine that there’s a day name after it: TODAY! Celebrate Chocolate Caramel Day with a pint of La Cremeria® Caramelized Macchiato and #TheWorldCanWait
Work hard, play hard and indulge with your favourite pint of La Cremeria®.
A day out to the beach would not be complete without a pint of La Cremeria®. What flavour would you pair your beach getaway with?
Any time is the right time to pamper yourself. #TheWorldCanWait
How do you like your La Cremeria®? You like it mini or regular? Let us know!
Wonderful, outstanding, magnificent, extraordinary, nice; put those words together and it will spell out the word, women. Happy Women’s Day to you ladies!
Finding a way to get her to say “yes” ? Maybe some La Cremeria® could help. Just maybe.
There is always time to indulge in your favourite pastime. #TheWorldCanWait
If LA CREMERIA® had a soundtrack, what do you think it would sound like? Let us know what you think!
Feel like curling up in bed with a cozy blanket? We have the perfect companion for you.
It’s fine to take time off to ease your mind. Pair that with LA CREMERIA® and #TheWorldCanWait
It’s your ultimate guilty pleasure.
Passion comes in many forms. Our passion, is ice-cream.
LA CREMERIA® Luscious Mango Sensation is vibrant and sweet. Just like you!
Don’t stop showing your love just because Valentine’s Day is over. Dine-in at Pizza Hut with your special someone and have a Sweet Heart Pizza with starters, appetisers and La Cremeria ® for dessert.
Promotion ends on 19th February 2017.
Make time for your friends and enjoy the ultimate indulgence together. #TheWorldCanWait
Dine-in at Pizza Hut and have a Sweet Heart Pizza set that comes with a starter, appetiser, a heart shaped pizza and for dessert, La Cremeria ® ice cream. Promotion ends on 19th February 2017.

The best meal with the perfect dessert only for you and your special someone.
Getting ready for a date means taking time to pamper yourself. So why not add in a little indulgence as well?