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It’s your ultimate guilty pleasure.
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Passion comes in many forms. Our passion, is ice-cream.
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LA CREMERIA® Luscious Mango Sensation is vibrant and sweet. Just like you!
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Don’t stop showing your love just because Valentine’s Day is over. Dine-in at Pizza Hut with your special someone and have a Sweet Heart Pizza with starters, appetisers and La Cremeria ® for dessert.
Promotion ends on 19th February 2017.
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Make time for your friends and enjoy the ultimate indulgence together. #TheWorldCanWait
Dine-in at Pizza Hut and have a Sweet Heart Pizza set that comes with a starter, appetiser, a heart shaped pizza and for dessert, La Cremeria ® ice cream. Promotion ends on 19th February 2017.

The best meal with the perfect dessert only for you and your special someone.
Getting ready for a date means taking time to pamper yourself. So why not add in a little indulgence as well?
A gift is something special between me and you,
It shows how much my love is for you,
To make you happy is all I want to do,
This Valentine’s,
Here’s some La Cremeria from me to you.
A scoop of LA CREMERIA® is never enough. #TheWorldCanWait as you savor the moment.
Don’t forget to stock up and treat your family and friends with LA CREMERIA® this Chinese New Year.
How was your January? Do let us know!
Was it as delightful as our Vanilla Cashew Delight?
Did it get you by surprise like our Caramelized Macchiato Surprise?
Passionate like the Almond Pecan Passion? Or
dreamy like the Hazelnut Chocolate Fantasy?
What ice-cream flavours are you in the mood for? Choose a LA CREMERIA® flavour that fits your current mood! #TheWorldCanWait

Cherish beautiful moments with the quintessential companion by your side! Life is like an ice-cream, enjoy it before it melts! #TheWorldCanWait
Chinese New Year is all about making beautiful memories and breaking the distance. Moments with loved ones are transient, cherish them the best way you can. Happy Chinese New Year from LA CREMERIA®! #TheWorldCanWait
Take time off from work and usher in the New Year with the perfect indulgence! Bring LA CREMERIA® home with you, your guests should be served with only the best this Chinese New Year. #TheWorldCanWait
Well, we may never get the opportunity to hold an armful of glittering gold trophies and thank the Academy for the awards, but we can always hold the lovely LA CREMERIA® pints in our arms! #TheWorldCanWait
Rush. Work. Indulge. Repeat. Indulge in LA CREMERIA® Hazalnut Chocolate Fantasy ice-cream, that is! #TheWorldCanWait
There's nothing more comforting than indulging in a cold, delicious dessert. But it’s even better to luxuriate in the smell and taste of a scoop of LA CREMERIA® Caramelized Macchiato ice-cream! It’s the ultimate indulgence! #TheWorldCanWait
You don't have to rush from one errand to another. Slow down a little and indulge in the moment. Breathe. #TheWorldCanWait
It’s never too late to show appreciation to those who have made you smile in 2016. Get together over something delicious like LA CREMERIA® ice-cream and make plans on how to make 2017 great! #TheWorldCanWait