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There's nothing more comforting than indulging in a cold, delicious dessert. But it’s even better to luxuriate in the smell and taste of a scoop of LA CREMERIA® Caramelized Macchiato ice-cream! It’s the ultimate indulgence! #TheWorldCanWait
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You don't have to rush from one errand to another. Slow down a little and indulge in the moment. Breathe. #TheWorldCanWait
It’s never too late to show appreciation to those who have made you smile in 2016. Get together over something delicious like LA CREMERIA® ice-cream and make plans on how to make 2017 great! #TheWorldCanWait
Begin your new year journey with some spring cleaning – start clearing your desk! Out with the old and in with the new for some positive vibes! #TheWorldCanWait
Cheers to the first weekend in 2017! Give work the weekend off and indulge yourself – enjoy the many delectable flavors of LA CREMERIA® ice-cream! #TheWorldCanWait
Party is over but the new you has just begun. Have you listed your 2017 resolutions? It’s never too late to start #TheWorldCanWait
Toast the new year with LA CREMERIA®! Celebrate everything that you’ve accomplished and all the challenges that have made you stronger.
The best way to show appreciation is with a simple note and a LA CREMERIA® pint! Make time for your family and friends today. #TheWorldCanWait
Deck the halls! Christmas is finally here. Whether you’re having quiet family time or painting the town red, we hope you’re enjoying yourselves.
What gets your brain juices flowing? Perhaps it’s taking time out of your busy day to enjoy a pint of LA CREMERIA® and a crossword puzzle. #TheWorldCanWait
Looking for a creamy treat to add to your Christmas party? Look no further than a pint of LA CREMERIA®.
Almonds, almonds everywhere. We can’t get enough. Can you?
Luscious Mango Sensation by day, Hazelnut Chocolate Fantasy by night. We’ve got you covered anytime. #TheWorldCanWait
Get into the mood for the festive season with a dose of gingerbread decorating now. #TheWorldCanWait
Make sure your LA CREMERIA® stick doesn’t miss out on the festivities.
Sometimes you just don’t want to share. Seize the treat for yourself today! #TheWorldCanWait
Pay homage to Cookie Day with Caramelized Macchiato Surprise, a rich blend of salted caramel sauce, cookie chunks, and creamy coffee flavoured ice cream.
What’s fruity, creamy, cold, and smooth? The Luscious Mango Sensation, that’s what. Indulge your senses with this delectable treat today. #TheWorldCanWait