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Want to help burn more fat during a workout? Make sure you have sufficient levels of vitamin C. You may burn up to 30% more fat.
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Want to burn more calories during your workout? Try working out in the morning. It may help you burn more calories and keep you more focused throughout the day. #WorkoutWednesday
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Motivation, dedication & commitment is what helped Kimberly change her lifestyle. Read about her success here: [ Bit.ly Link ]

LA Fitness Member Story | Footsteps Leading to Success

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TRUE OR FALSE: Turkey the #1 meat that makes you feel the most tired? #TriviaThursday

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Stop in for a workout before your feast! Thanksgiving club hours are 8AM – 12 PM. Kids Klub will be closed all day. Visit blog.lafitness.com for details!

Thanksgiving Hours 2016 | LA Fitness Holiday Hours

Make sure you’re stretching properly before and after you run. Watch this video to explore some of the best ways to warm-up and cool down for a great run!

Running Pt. 2: Best Stretches and Foam Rolling - LA Fitness

Running can be a great way to burn calories. In the 2nd part of our series, we explore some of the best ways to warm-up and cool down for a great run!

Want to lose weight? Before each meal try drinking a big glass of water. It may make you feel fuller faster and help you from overeating.
Focus on fitness at LA Fitness #CommitToFit #FitnessFriday
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Not getting enough sleep at night? It may be because you’re stressed. Try taking a yoga class @LAFitness! The meditation and breathing you do in class may help generate mental clarity and relieve stress by relaxing the mind.
CLICK HERE to find a class near you.

LA Fitness | Locate Class Near You

How much do you know about your core? Watch this LA Fitness video for a few helpful tips.

Core - 3 Facts 3 Exercises - LA Fitness

Learn 3 Facts and 3 Exercises about your core muscles.

Are you drinking enough water? Check out this LA Fitness blog article to find out!

Should I Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day? | Nutrition Questions

Mondays belong to the go-getters!
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Make your Monday workout count! Remember, Kids Klub will be closed tonight!