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When someone asks you how you’d like your Laager this morning… #sorelatable
Laager Rooibos
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What we’d do for this amazing Adele-inspired mug! Hands up if you’d love to sip on your cuppa out of this :D
Laager Rooibos
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Congratulations to our lucky Tea4Kidz winner, Hayley Ford! You’ve won an awesome Laager Tea4Kidz hamper filled with delicious goodies that everyone will love.
Laager Rooibos
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Happy Valentine’s Day, Laager family! Just remember, you don’t have to be heading out on a date tonight – sometimes me-time-tea-time is the best way to feel loved up <3
Laager Rooibos
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Try something strong and soothing with a cup of Tetley Tea. Plus, the best news is that every Tetley bag is 10% bigger than a regular one – meaning more tea and flavour for you ;)
Summer Saturdays are MADE for pool time and iced tea! Do you make your own iced tea at home? Tell us below and you could win a refreshing Laager hamper!
A) Yes, I love my home-made iced tea!
B) Nope – it’s too much effort so I buy it ready made.
C) I don’t like iced tea. Tea is meant to be hot
Got some time to spend with the kids this week? Well, here’s a super fun way to keep the whole family entertained while making some oh-so-cute V-day gifts for friends and teachers. Why not use our Laager or Tetley individually-packaged tagged teabags as a base, available at Makro stores countrywide.
[ Link ]

Make Valentine Tea Bags - Crafts by Amanda
Add a little zing to your cuppa this Monday! Why not sip on our delish Laager Citrus and Ginger flavoured Green Rooibos? This herbal blend is zesty, refreshing and will have everyone in the office begging you for a teabag ;)
Calling all Laager mamas! It’s never too early to get your little ones to learn about money – have you seen this amazing kiddies’ banking app?

Now SA kids can do their banking on a kiddies app
It’s one of our favourite months – the month of <3 And what better way to show some love than by sharing a warm cuppa with your nearest and dearest.
We’re giving away a Tea4Kidz hamper! Simply share a picture of your little ones and their fav flavour from our Tea4kidz range. The picture that gets the most likes, wins!
Sundays are perfect for those relaxing soaks in the bath. Step it up by adding 1.5 cups of Laager Rooibos tea for skin that glows and a few drops of any essential oil to help hydrate your skin.
Take a break and enjoy this delicious Rooibos apple, raisin and brioche pudding. Here’s the recipe:

Rooibos Ltd | Good health | Recipes - Desserts
Tetley in the morning, Tetley at night…another good cuppa? I think I might!
Because our tea is simply….
Let's make French toast roll ups! First, whisk eggs with some salt and leave to the side. Roll out the bread to flatten it and dip it into the egg until it's properly coated. Take it out, lay it on a plate and pop on some strawberries. Roll your bread from one end to the other and secure with a toothpick. Pop it into the frying pan to cook until it's golden brown and once cooled, pipe in ...
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Making the yummiest fruit-tea ice tea has never been this easy! Simply bring the water to boil, add peaches and sugar. Once the peaches are soft, pour the syrup into a jug and leave it to the side while you make the tea. Add the tea to your syrup and serve with ice☺
Calling all Laager mums! Want to organize and better manage your family time this year? Download our handy, customisable More4Momz weekly planner, right here.

Weekly Planner | More4Momz
Little ones afraid of monsters in the dark? Make their very own “monster go away” spray by taking an empty spray bottle, sticking a few playful monster stickers on it, filling it with water, and using it to spray those monsters away before bedtime <3
Simple yet so delicious, apple rings with a little bit of peanut butter, pecan nuts, assorted berries, and a sprinkle of rolled oats makes for an awesome lunch box treat!