Laager Rooibos
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Here's to a beautiful day, with awesome people and our fav cuppa tea! Happy Human Rights Day, Laager fans <3
Laager Rooibos
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Soothe away sunburn with Rooibos tea and a homemade toner. Brew your tea, let the teabags soak for 5 minutes, once it’s ready, apply to the effected areas with cotton wool.
Iced lollies with a Laager twist. All you need to do is brew your tea (in any flavour you like), allow it to cool, add honey and sliced fruit. Pop it into lolly moulds and leave it in the fridge until it’s solid. Delicious!
Tea time just got a whole lot better, with this awesome DIY activity everyone will enjoy: teapot painting! The kids can let their imagination run wild with a blank teapot and acrylic paint. It’s friendly, family fun.
Sipping on a good cuppa has never been this delicious. With Tetley, you get a stronger, richer flavour in each cup. It’ll be a hit all around :)
Spice up those plain tees with cute badges and pins that you can get from fabric stores. It's simple, easy and will be a hit with the little ones.
Rooibos brulee pancakes - an all time family favourite with a Rooibos twist (recipe from Yummly):

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Congrats Maki Tsomi on winning our awesome Laager hamper. We hope you love it <3
A rich aroma, full bodied flavour and the ultimate tea time companion - Tetley makes everything better!
Can't get enough of the delicious flavour of Laager Rooibos? Then this french toast recipe with a decadent Rooibos syrup is for you! (From 'A Touch of Rooibos' by Rooibos Ltd)

Rooibos Ltd | Good health | Recipes - Tasty Treats
We’re going tea cosy crazy! Which one do you like best?
Weekends are the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality family time. What’s your favourite family weekend tradition?
Not that we need a reminder… #FridayDaydreaming
Mums and dads! Don’t forget to enter our Tea4Kidz competition. Simply post a pic below of your little one holding their fave Tea4Kidz flavour and the snap with the most thumbs up will score a fun hamper!
When someone asks you how you’d like your Laager this morning… #sorelatable
What we’d do for this amazing Adele-inspired mug! Hands up if you’d love to sip on your cuppa out of this :D
Congratulations to our lucky Tea4Kidz winner, Hayley Ford! You’ve won an awesome Laager Tea4Kidz hamper filled with delicious goodies that everyone will love.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Laager family! Just remember, you don’t have to be heading out on a date tonight – sometimes me-time-tea-time is the best way to feel loved up <3
Try something strong and soothing with a cup of Tetley Tea. Plus, the best news is that every Tetley bag is 10% bigger than a regular one – meaning more tea and flavour for you ;)
Summer Saturdays are MADE for pool time and iced tea! Do you make your own iced tea at home? Tell us below and you could win a refreshing Laager hamper!
A) Yes, I love my home-made iced tea!
B) Nope – it’s too much effort so I buy it ready made.
C) I don’t like iced tea. Tea is meant to be hot