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Did you expect that? La La Labello will always be a winner, whether it's for dancing in the Moonlight or playing in the sun.

#Oscars #LaLaLand
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The most refreshing fruit to eat during summer is watermelon, no doubt. Have you tried Labello Watermelon shine? It smells like summer!
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The best representation of beauty is someone who isn't afraid to be herself.
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You don't have to butter us up, we already love you! But, your lips always appreciate some buttering up with Labello Raspberry Rosé Lip Butter.
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Kindness goes a long way. We challenge you to share the love and pay it forward this Kindness Day.
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This Valentine's Day, take the pledge to love yourself first. Remember, you are a limited edition!
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Today is "Make a Friend Day"! How did you meet your very first friend?
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Want to know how to take the ultimate selfie? We asked... and you told us.
Here are some of the top tips to get your Instagram looking fierce.
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You may not always kiss and tell, but you won't be able to keep quiet about your man's soft lips thanks to Labello Active For Men!
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You are luminous! Let your beauty shine with Labello.
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February is the month of love, and we're all about loving yourself! What do you think your best feature is? Tag us on Instagram @labello_za and show us. Remember to use #LoveYourSelfie!
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Hey, Aquarians - this is YOUR month to shine!
How young are you this birthday?
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We know that you're gorgeous from every angle, but we want to know your best tips on how to take a perfect selfie. Go on, tell us your selfie secrets in the comments! #LoveYourSelfie
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We want to know what inspires you to never give up on your goals. #BeYou
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Keep that summer feeling with you, with Labello Watermelon Fruity Shine, whether you're at the office, in class or on your hustle. Which Labello takes you back to your sunny holiday?
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This year feels like it's going to be your year!
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Nothing is as sweet as summer and the taste of Labello Lip Butter on your lips .

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You came, you pouted, and you brought out your BOLD! Congratulations to our winners... you have won yourselves a fabulous shopping spree to the value of R25 000! #LabelloBeBold
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You're destined for greatness!
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