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Lady Amaranth
12/03/2016 at 17:53. Facebook
Our Christmas tree is looking very Victorian!
Lady Amaranth
12/03/2016 at 07:52. Facebook
My 2017 Desk Calendar is out now, and for the first few orders they will get a free pack of 16 postcards too! [ Ladyamaranth.com Link ]
Lady Amaranth
11/30/2016 at 17:45. Facebook
Excited to announce that I'll once again be attending M'era Luna next year! And just look at this lineup!
Any of you about in London this weekend? Come help me perv over my man and bask in his beautiful music! Pretentious, Moi?

Elegant Decadence presents Pretentious, Moi?, Faces of Sarah and Anniversary Circle.

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A little earlier than usual, but our annual End of year poll is now open for your nominations! Send in your nominations for your favourites in alternative fashion by November 30th (6pm GMT)!

To find out more visit [ Altfashion.co.uk Link ]
Want to find out more about the amazing lady behind Hysteria Machine? Read my interview!

Hysteria Machine | Alternative Fashion and Lifestyle blog

Model: Lady Amaranth
Jewellery by Alchemy Gothic
Photo/Edit myself
Quote of the Day ft Lady Amaranth wearing our Darkling Bat Hair Slide! Shop Alchemy @
So that was another Whitby Goth Weekend - think it might be a while until I'm back there - but who knows what will happen :) a couple more photos on my Instagram

Instagram photo by Lady Amaranth • Nov 8, 2016 at 12:03pm UTC

Heading back to Whitby today, so thought a topical #throwbackthursday was in order
Photo by Taua Uddin, hat by OffWithHerHead
I'm busy listening to my husband practising for this downstairs and looking forward to what is always a fun show! Be sure to pick up a copy of Manuskript's 'Best Of' if you are at Whitby Goth Weekend next week!
While enjoying the beauty of Autumn, this summer memory is keeping me warm :) M'era Luna

Mera Luna - Alchemy England Blog

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Time to start the celebrations! But remember kids... Goth is for life, not just for Halloween!
Own this one-of-a-kind piece!

Goddess of Autumn Forest

Photography by my dear husband, crown by Faerie Tale Gothic full set of images here: [ Fashionsalternative.com Link ] buy the piece here: [ Etsy.com Link ]
What I've always loved about the Goth scene, is that we create it. Every person who calls themselves a goth makes up the passion and many creative and inspiring people help build the fabric - such people as those behind Coalescaremonium have created an amazing event and now it's our turn to be its building blocks: [ Indiegogo.com Link ]

Coalescaremonium 2017

My favourite time of the year! Autumn colours are apon us

Autumn Fae | Alternative Fashion and Lifestyle blog

Prong Jewellery just reminded me of one of my favourite shoots with Taya Uddin Photography
The stunning Lady Amaranth wears our cobweb necklace! Hand made in rubber and decorated with Swarovski Crystals - and with 15% off!
Photo by Taya Uddin