Lady Amaranth
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????????M'ERA LUNA PRODUCT PICK????????

Heading to M'era Luna this year? Be festival ready and treat yourself to the OFFICIAL JEWLLERY! Modelled by Lady Amaranth

A unique gothic collaboration with M'era luna and Alchemy Gothic! Order online now on or
Lady Amaranth
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Dress Sinister from The Gothic Shop
Necklace Alchemy Gothic
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Lady Amaranth
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Invocation was a club I worked at for many years and the one where my husband and I got together. We will definately be saying goodbye to it in April and what a lovely keepsake from all those years of memories!
Lady Amaranth
02/20/2017 at 07:43. Facebook
Clothing by The Gothic Shop
Jewellery by Alchemy Gothic
Photo by me
Happy valentines day xx
Photo by Taya Uddin
Corset by Larysa Kucak
Jewellery by Alchemy
Happy birthday Devolution Magazine! How many of these issues do you have?
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Photography/MUA/Edit: myself
Headdress: Faerie Tale Gothic
Wig: Black Candy Fashion
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My last shoot of 2016 and a colourful way to start 2017! Sometimes I need to indulge my 6 year old self and Faerie Tale Gothic and Black Candy Fashion are my fairygodmothers who help make this happen!

Candy Goth | Alternative Fashion and Lifestyle blog
As the new year creeps its way across the globe, let's say goodbye to 2016 remembering only the good things and have hope in our heart for 2017 x Happy New Year!
Photo by Taya Uddin
Not sure I've changed all that much in 10 years apart from doing slightly better makeup and getting fatter! My style is perhaps on the whole a bit more sophisticated but still pretty similar (I just generally can't be bothered with backcombing much these days!)

Instagram photo by Lady Amaranth • Dec 30, 2016 at 3:39pm UTC
MUA/Photo/edit by myself
Antlers by Hysteria Machine
Jewellery by CherryLoco
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My most popular photo from 2016
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

And a huge thank you to everyone who has helped me grow my business and to all of my customers over the past year :)

I will be having a boxing day sale - just enter 'BOXINGDAY16' in to the checkout in my Etsy store for 30% on Decmeber 26th only!
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Model/Photographer/Stylist/MUA - Lady Amaranth
Crown - Faerie Tale Gothic
With the cold weather set in, this coat will take you through the winter season with style
I simply love working with the art of the talented ladies in the scene who give me the tools and inspiration to create things like this! Thank you Cherryloco Jewellery and Hysteria Machine! Which of these two photos do you prefer? I can't decide!

Wild Goddess | Alternative Fashion and Lifestyle blog
Having so much fun amassing our Victorian Steampunk collection for our living room. This is our most recent addition. The label reads: IMPROVED PATENT MAGNETO-ELECTRIC MACHINE FOR NERVOUS DISEASES Connect two metallic cords or wires with the sockets in the ends of the Box, and apply handles connected with the other ends of the metallic cords or wires to any part of the person through which is...
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Instagram photo by Lady Amaranth • Dec 19, 2016 at 9:33am UTC
Greetings of the season! See more from this shoot in my 2017 Calendar: