“When transgender people have a negative experience, it can just turn them away from any preventive care, or seeking care at all. A lot of people wait for emergency care because they’re so afraid of going to the doctor.”

There is no excuse for doctors to turn transgender people away from treatment.

Doctors Want To Learn More About Treating Transgender Patients, Survey Shows

"When the president-elect is a bully — and bullies people that he doesn’t respect — it sets an example for people elsewhere.”

Here come the bathroom police: Alabama is going after Target by tapping attendants to monitor trans-inclusive restrooms

The Senate is preparing to defund Obamacare. No repeal without replacement. Call your Senators & Reps now!

Contact your Senators: [ Senate.gov Link ]
Find your Representative: [ House.gov Link ]

Attack on Affordable Care Act: We Urge Action to Save Lives

"I don't want other trans people to have to go through and feel what I felt."

Transgender man sues hospital over hysterectomy denial

Jeff Sessions is a co-sponsor of the First Amendment Defense Act, a bill that should really be called the “Fostering American Discrimination Act.” It would allow any corporation, organization or person to ignore federal laws that conflict with their personal religious beliefs about marriage.

If passed, this despicable legislation would invite discrimination against LGBT people in virtually...
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Sessions Would Put LGBT Rights at Grave Risk

"A hospital is a place where you should feel safe and taken care of. Instead, I felt like I was rejected.”

Catholic hospital approved his hysterectomy, then refused because he was transgender, suit says

Jionni Conforti needed a hysterectomy for his gender dysphoria and possibly increased risk of cancer. But a Catholic hospital refused to allow his surgeon to perform the procedure, because Jionni is transgender.

We're taking them to court.

Lambda Legal Files Federal Lawsuit Against NJ Catholic Hospital that Denied Care to Transgender Man

Our opponents are not just a cabinet filled with people who hate us. Not just a President-elect who has promised deportations, walls, religious exclusions. Not just lawmakers eager to chip away at our hard-won rights.

We are fighting against fear of change. We are fighting against disrespect for those who are different. We are fighting against hateful, bullying language and violent actions....
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Love Trumps Hate: Our 2017 Defense Plan

Time is running out! We need your support by midnight tonight.

We are committed to being here for LGBT people and those living with HIV throughout the entire cycle of life: as we go to school, as we go to work, as we have children and as we age.

We are your lawyers and we'll never stop fighting for you.
We are your lawyers. We will fight to defend this community. The only question is whether we'll have the resources we need to take on every battle that 2017 throws at us.

We need your support.
Atlanta, Dallas & Houston: We're co-hosting legal clinics for transgender people & LGBT parents to amend passports and update Social Security records.

Financial assistance is available and spots are limited. Register: [ Lambdalegal.org Link ]
Introducing four of the people who will be leading the Trump Administration. Congress won't stop them. We will.

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What does this new era of conservative domination in the federal government mean for the transgender community? Don't panic. We are your lawyers and we're here to help.

Don’t Panic, Get Informed: Updating ID Docs Under the Trump Administration

North Carolinians, this fight is not over. See you at the 4th Circuit in March, #HB2.
The General Assembly and Governor McCrory are playing political chicken, and North Carolinians continue to lose for it.

#HB2 is estimated to have cost North Carolina over $600 million in lost revenue.

North Carolina Lawmakers Fail to Repeal H.B. 2

FADA is an unconstitutional effort to turn the clock back.

First Amendment Defense Act would be 'devastating' for LGBTQ Americans