Lana Del Rey
Lana Del Rey
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We make our selects to horror music scores obviously
Neil Krug
Giselle Valentine
Kirby Hill
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Christopher Netemegesic
Claire Sargent
Mati Edwards
Glad Chuck got a little film of us that day MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS
M Ángel JU
Jesse James Phoenix
Jeroen Smets
So many songs left on the cutting room floor
but this was a special one I wrote in March called 'Roses bloom for you'
I don't film all my live takes but I'm glad I got this one because I was very excited about the beautiful chords my producer Rick Nowels found for this gem.
Andrew Turvill
Erik Mikael Pettersson
Tony Sotelo
We made a lot of good ones but I think we picked the best time ones for the record ASAP Rocky Playboi Carti Boi-1da
Tony Sotelo
Fadel Omar
Jon Williams
Maria Yassin
Jarred Jordan
Erik Meza
Thank you so much to Radio 1 for having us
And for playing the tunes ❤
Rémy Castañeda Justo
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Kiki Butler
Beauties on screen and on stage
Beauties on screen and on stage
Alex Maureen Rowley
Robert Souza
Jorge Galicia
Shaeley Klemke
Billy-James Wrhea
Georgie Aldous
Wonder-Ywataéh Yu
Jett Barnes
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Lust for Life video out now
The Weeknd
Lust for Life video out now
The Weeknd

Ariel Moss
Natalia Klumb
Claudio Severino
Paris Match
Paris Match
Ola El Basha
Valentina Rodríguez Millán
Johnny Sim
Paris Match
Paris Match
Anderson Kovalski de Oliveira
Guilherme Almeida
Elias Duarte-Lopez
Fun in the Sun w Paris Match!!!!!
Fun in the Sun w Paris Match
Pedro Mesquita
Barry Morris
Ian D J Trancemission
Chris Leibrandt
Loreto Lugo
Kaio Matarazzo
Goddamn I love my main bitches
Sean McCormack Sayegh
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Michael Bird
Lust For Life ft The Weeknd
Lust For Life ft The Weeknd

Lust For Life - Lana Del Rey
Catarina Durão
Erik Waiters