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Where to next? #FromOurArchive
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Download the programme for everything you need to plan your day.

Lancaster University Postgraduate Open Day Programme
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Interested in running for a Full Time Officer position at Lancaster University Students' Union (LUSU)? Nominations are open until Friday! #VoteFest [ Link ]
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Interested in studying at Lancaster? We are inviting Y12 students to join our Summer Schools programme! [ Link ]
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Why not come along to Lancaster University's first annual Gin Festival this week? Featuring gins from around the globe as well as a selection of street food stalls, the festival is free entry and everybody is welcome.

Ginfest 101 - Lancaster University's First Gin Festival!

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Do you have a great idea for how we could improve the colleges? Enter and tell us this week to be in with the chance of winning a £500 prize! Competition closes midnight on Sunday. [ Link ]

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Lancaster University Islamic Society is hosting its annual "Discover Islam Week"!

Learn more about Islam and its teachings, experience how Muslims worship, and ask questions. Events include a talk by Islamic Scholar Haroon Sidat, this evening at 7pm, in which he will address misconceptions of Islam, and a Prayer Room Open Day on 22nd February.

Find out more here: [ Link ]
Here's a photo of the erratic boulder that stood in Alexandra Square. The erratic was a glacial boulder found on the site whilst building the university, and identified by Professor Philip Andrews. It occupied this position for many years, and was pictured here in 1969. #FromOurArchive
Our spring public lectures will be focusing on community health and the tiny micro:bit computer. Book your free tickets now!
[ Link ]

Public Lectures | Lancaster University
Looking forward to answering all your questions at next week's Postgraduate Open Day. Book your place today if you haven't already!

Postgraduate Open Day 23rd February 2017
Lancaster's Professor Ken Wilson comments on the fall armyworm outbreaks in southern Africa.

Armyworm pests invade southern Africa ‘like one of the 10 plagues of the Bible’
Learn about twenty-first century management education. Join our online webinar with Dr Martin Brigham on 16 Feb at 1pm [ Link ]
A combination of armyworms native to Africa and those normally found in the Americas are ravaging crops in sub-Saharan Africa.

Armyworms are wreaking havoc in southern Africa. Why it's a big deal
A calm afternoon on campus... #LoveLancaster
Here's what the university's very first prospectus looked like back in 1963! #FromOurArchive
Just checking out alumni gifts for this year's graduation - T-shirt or duck?
Wireless charging means these cars could run off much smaller and cheaper batteries.

Wired-up roads will soon charge your electric car – while you're driving
European governments must act to combat childhood obesity, according to research.

Families can’t tackle obesity alone | Lancaster University
Are you a problem-solver? A creative thinker? Interested in a career in the public sector, civil service, or third sector? We are looking for a team of Student Researchers to work with us on the Policy School initiative.

Find out more through TARGETconnect: [ Link ] #hellofuture
Digital relay baton enables remote crowd cheering of athletes - research by our School of Computing and Communications

Digital relay baton enables remote crowd cheering of athletes | Lancaster University