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Range Rover welcomes its fourth member, the elegant new Velar. Coming soon. Stay updated: [ Link ]
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The shape of things to come. The New Range Rover Velar will be revealed soon, bringing a new level of contemporary elegance to the Range Rover name.

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The Land Rover iGuide app helps you get the most from All-New Discovery. Using Augmented Reality, the app explains essential features and controls, as well as doubling up as a mobile owners manual.

Search 'iGuide' in the App Store or Play Store.
With 8-inch screens and WhiteFire digital wireless headphones, All-New Discovery's rear-seat entertainment will keep every passenger occupied throughout the journey.
In 1981, 11 years after the launch of Range Rover, a 4-door version was released to allow easier, practical access for the whole family. Read More:

Range Rover: A History - Featured Articles - Land Rover
All-New Land Rover Discovery. Composed, capable and serene – no matter where your journey takes you. #AllNewDiscovery
The first Range Rover was revealed to the world in 1970. Met with widespread critical acclaim, it combined off-road ability with interior style and comfort. It was the first vehicle to deliver permanent four-wheel drive. Read more:

Range Rover: A History - Featured Articles - Land Rover
All-New Discovery's Trailer Stability Assist keeps you and your trailer safe throughout your journey, minimising sway and helping you maintain control.
Meet Rita, Land Rover BAR's newest weapon as they attempt to make sailing history at the America's Cup. Designed with Land Rover engineers, it’s one of the fastest, most technically advanced race boats ever.
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Resist the temptation to hibernate this winter and make the most of your surroundings with Range Rover's innovative features. Hibernate? No chance. #Hibernot. Read More:

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Whether you require space for luggage or extra passengers, Discovery Sport's versatile 5+2 seating provides the flexibility you need. Here's 9 other reasons to take it for a test drive: [ Link ]

10 Reasons To Try The 2017 Discovery Sport
Hibernate? No chance. Welcome to The #Hibernot Drive-Through. Extraordinary winter fare at five below freezing. Read more: [ Link ]
Join acclaimed chef Simon Rogan, unearthing a taste of winter with the help of Range Rover Sport. Read more:

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All-New Discovery's Corner Brake Control applies brakes evenly to both sides of the vehicle to help you maintain control if you need to brake suddenly on a bend.
Join Simon Rogan on the Cumbrian coastline in his Range Rover Sport, steaming wild sea herbs and more extraordinary winter fare. #Hibernot - Read more: [ Link ]
Focus on the road ahead and maintain a steady speed when you're tackling difficult terrain and obstacles, thanks to All-New Discovery's innovative All Terrain Progress Control system.