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R1 = The flying machine #BringTheCupHome Photo: Alex Palmer
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From Portsmouth inception to her first flight in Bermuda on 11th February. Watch the story behind R1’s design, build, on the water testing and meticulous construction #BringTheCupHome [ Link ]
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From the boat shed to the water, the 33 strong Shore Team are the team behind the team dedicated to getting R1 ready to sail every day. #BringTheCupHome
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#TechTuesday – The four grinders onboard R1 sustain 1200w of power to enable her to take flight. Are you aged 11-16? Sign up to BT STEM Crew, 1851 Trust’s free online learning resource, and bring STEM subjects to life with the America's Cup. [ Link ] #BringTheCupHome
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R1 takes flight! #BringTheCupHome #Bermuda Photo: Harry KH
From one Island to another. Isle of Arran's Neil Hunter has joined the senior team in Bermuda following his hard work and dedication in the Land Rover BAR Academy #BringTheCupHome #NextGeneration
#TBT Ed Powys - full time sailor, part time diver. He gets a 10 from us. #BringTheCupHome
Watch as Land Rover BAR's official banking partner Coutts reviews what the team has achieved in just two years. #BringTheCupHome #100DaysToGo
Support Land Rover BAR’s challenge to #BringTheCupHome from the Race Village in Bermuda. 100 days to go! For tickets: [ Link ]
Insight: Happy Birthday David ‘Freddie’ Carr. From working for free as an America's Cup nipper in 2003 to winning the America’s Cup World Series in 2016 for a second time. This is a must read for any patriotic British sports fan: [ Link ] #BringTheCupHome
100 days until 35th America's Cup racing begins. Support Land Rover BAR in Bermuda: #BringTheCupHome
R1 has 190 sensors taking up to 500 data logs per second and collecting 16 GB of uncompressed data for each testing day. Aged 11-16 years old? Sign up to the 1851 Trust’s free online learning resources, #BTSTEMCrew, to learn how we calculate averages and ranges: [ Link ] #TechTuesday
Meet Dirk Kramers, Head of Engineering at Land Rover BAR and a six-time winner of the America's Cup “What’s important to win? The desire! You need to be a competitor first & the technology needs to serve the competition” #TechTuesday
Credit to Austin Wong, America's Cup Event Authority.
The Inside Tack with Georgie Ainslie live on R1 in Bermuda #BringTheCupHome
Tomorrow, Georgie will be live in Bermuda with Ben Ainslie, James Roche from Land Rover BAR's analysis and simulation team & Jo Lees from the shore team
Not the type of storm we’re used to! Honoured to feature in the All-New Land Rover #Discovery 'Serenity in the Storm' TV campaign. Visit [ Link ] for more info: #BringTheCupHome #LandRover
Meet Ben Williams and Alex Hopson the Land Rover BAR strength and conditioning team ‍#BringTheCupHome Bulldog Gear KX Life
Watch BBC South Today's behind the scenes report from Bermuda #BringTheCupHome
R1 was launched in style by Georgie and Bellatrix Ainslie wearing British fashion label ME+EM. Watch out for the 1851 Collection which will be worn by the female support team during the America's Cup. More info: [ Link ] #BringTheCupHome