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12/03/2016 at 18:26. Facebook
I saw some great elf-waves in the Toy Factory today!
Send me a picture of your best elf-wave...
(that includes you Big Folk!)

Conker x
12/03/2016 at 09:46. Facebook
12/02/2016 at 13:14. Facebook
"In olden times, when magic still filled the air, there lived a master toymaker and his wife..."

Lapland: The Untold Story of Father Christmas, is now available to add to your bookings.
11/30/2016 at 21:48. Facebook
"If I could have one wish this Christmas it would be to have this day, over and over again, every year with my children, until one day they make that journey with children of their own."

Our magical trip to Lapland UK 2016 – Five Little Doves

11/29/2016 at 17:12. Facebook
11/28/2016 at 22:34. Facebook
Here's 5-yr-old Tyler in his own Elf outfit - thanks for making this reindeer with so much love Tyler.

I've asked Father Christmas to deliver something special to you!

Conker the Elf.
11/26/2016. Facebook
No trip to the Elven Village is complete without a trip to Pixie Mixie's sweetshop!
Just ask Bauble and Elva... they're always popping in!
11/25/2016. Facebook
So many small folk on the 'Good List' this year...
So many toys for the Elves to make...
And it's only...
11/24/2016. Facebook
Father Christmas has been VERY busy writing invitations for small folk to come and help the Elves in the Toy Factory.

Molly & Henry have received theirs... have you had yours?

(Book tickets at booking.laplanduk.co.uk)
11/23/2016. Facebook
"You can see how much love and attention has gone into everything..."

Thanks to The London Mum for this beautiful review of LaplandUK.

(Book tickets at booking.laplanduk.co.uk)

A Magical Christmas Experience| Lapland UK

11/22/2016. Facebook
We love to see your photos!

Here's our favourite photo from the opening weekend - little Isabella decorating her gingerbread in Mother Christmas' Kitchen.

We're sending you a signed copy of our new book 'Lapland - The Untold Story of Father Christmas'
11/20/2016. Facebook
Big folk Anna Saccone and Jonathan Saccone Joly and their small folk Emilia & Eduardo visited LaplandUK this weekend.

Judging by the title of today's YouTube episode we reckon they enjoyed their visit...


11/20/2016. Facebook
Woodland Elves Sage and Eeko have opened the Glade door for the first time this year...

The Toy Factory, Mother Christmas' Kitchen, The Elven Village, Father Christmas and so much more await on the other side.

What are you waiting for?
11/19/2016. Facebook
The magical pathway to Lapland is open!

So Father Christmas has asked Jamie & Emma on Heart London to find some good girls and boys for him to invite to LaplandUK.

Make sure you're listening next week - or enter online...

Win A Magical Family Trip To LaplandUK!

11/16/2016. Facebook
Woodland Elf, Eeko
Says "Near Ascot we'll have snow"
Trust her. She should know.
11/15/2016. Facebook
"But remember... they only come to children who BELIEVE!"

We're ready for our first lucky visitors on Saturday!
Book tickets at booking.laplanduk.co.uk
11/13/2016. Facebook
Less than one week until Sage and Eeko open the magical door that connects the Enchanted Forest to Lapland...
11/12/2016. Facebook
It's not that we're counting, but Sunday morning at 8am is...

(So why not start enjoying it? We open next weekend... [ Laplanduk.co.uk) Link ]
11/10/2016. Facebook
Christmas has already begun for all of these children...
What are you waiting for?

LaplandUK opens Nov 19th, book now at booking.laplanduk.co.uk
11/08/2016. Facebook
We love your pictures of happy children opening their invitations...
Especially this one of 6-yr-old Cameron who apparently said;
"This is the BEST DAY EVER!"
Cameron... the best is yet to come!

(Start getting excited about Christmas at booking.laplanduk.co.uk)