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The phenomenal #Chutney's ingredients had Rasika Dugal
play a key role which keeps the viewers hooked till the end
Watch it if you haven't already! Tisca Chopra
[ Youtube.com Link ]
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#Chutney has become India's most successful short film,
Watch two out of the three women who made it happen
in a conversation with Rajeev Masand.
Tisca Chopra
[ Youtube.com Link ]
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The women behind Chutney

A brand new short film titled Chutney has been making waves online this week. Produced by and starring Tisca Chopra, and directed by FTII-grad Jyoti Kapur Da...

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Watch The Circle, our #shortoftheweek about a man whose life goes in circles ,time after time.
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Large shortfilm festivel THE CIRCLE

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The edge-of- the-seat #Chutney breaks all records.
Scores a perfect 10 million views. Tisca Chopra Rasika Dugal
#royalstag #barrelselect #largeshortfilms
Click here to watch it. [ Youtube.com Link ]
That one spicy character which changes
the entire flavour of #Chutney.
Have you watched it yet? royalstag #barrelselect #largeshortfilms Tisca Chopra Rasika Dugal
[ Youtube.com Link ]
Everyone loves #chutney. Here's proof.
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Its sweet and a bit sour. Its one recipe you would not have tasted before.
Watch the most original #Chutney and get
the perfect aftertaste.
Tisca Chopra Rasika Dugal
#royalstag #barrelselect #largeshortfilms
This #chutney will send shivers down your spine.
Get ready to taste it tonight at 7pm only on

Tisca Chopra Rasika Dugal
Coming soon #Chutney - a short film that will keep
you on the edge of your seat
with all its twists and turns.
#largeshortfilms Adil Hussain Tisca Chopra
This #Chutney has the perfectly balanced concoction.
With a little help from an exciting plot.
Releasing on 28th Nov, 7pm
#Largeshortfilms Tisca Chopra Rasika Dugal
Watch the exclusive trailer of #Chutney - an edge-of- the-seat thriller
and a short film starring Tisca Chopra.
#Chutney is an engaging thriller and a short film
starring Tisca Chopra. You’ll love the taste of this
Chutney. Stay tuned for the trailer.
Coming to your computer screens tomorrow
Life has countless shades. And so does this film.
Does the chutney of your life taste sweet or bitter?
Tell us and get in the mood for #Chutney.
Coming Soon. #Largeshortfilms Tisca Chopra
Its going to be not so sweet and its definitely
going to be sour.
#Chutney coming soon to your computer
screens. #largeshortfilms
A transvestite prostitute gets locked in a room with an English teacher
suffering from OCD. And so the plot begins. Watch this gripping short film
about how they struggle in each other's presence. The second runner-up under #largeshortfilmscategory
at the Jio MAMI Mumbai Film Festival with Star, you can watch it now on your computer screen.
Go ahead, play the video.
A heartfelt thank you to all the fans of #LargeShortFilms.
To be precise, it's now a massive 8 lakh people who appreciate
and love original shorts. Keep watching.