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A 5 minute thriller which shows an army man trying
to escape from tribals. Watch our #shortoftheweek
#barrelselect #largeshortfilms
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Concept: Action set in the jungle, an army man trying to makes a daring escape back to his home town to rescue his life from the tribals. Concept, Direction ...

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#Visa makes an impact with its original take on a prevalent crisis.
Watch it if you haven't already. #barrelselect #largeshortfilms
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This Short Film Has A Big Message On The Refugee Crisis
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Here's to the power of original shorts. #AccheDin, runner up at
The Mumbai Film Festival under #largeshortfilms category
has been chosen as the Official Selection for IFFSA Toronto 2017.
Congratulations @aron mitr for the perfect award.
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'Acche Din', first runner up at The Mumbai Film Festival

The original short film 'Acche Din' by Aron Mitr is about a young man whose promising day turns into a nightmare. It fascinated the jury and impressed the de...

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The age of shorts is truly upon us. So is the tragedy of the ones who are suffering.
Visa is a short film that captures the struggles of a family
who want to flee to a safer haven. Watch it now, only on
#barrelselect #largeshortfilms
A short film that carries a large message.
#Visa releasing tomorrow at 7pm
#barrelselect #largeshortfilms
Watch our #shortoftheweek, a story about a paid
criminal caught in situation he could never have anticipated.
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Uploaded by Manikandan Sundaramoorthy on 2017-03-17.

A powerful short that captures the other side
of the story. Releasing on 19th March at 7pm.
Only on #barrelselect #largeshortfilms #Visa
A terrifying conflict zone is no place for loved ones
to stick together. A gripping short film, #Visa explores the problems of people living under fear.
Coming soon only on
#Barrelselect #largeshortfilms Shweta Basu Prasad
Sometimes, a respectable family's only hope
is a white lie. Watch #Visa, a short and inspiring film
on #ComingSoon #barrelselect #largeshortfilms
Let the festival of colours bring you all the happiness.
Large Short Films wishes you #HappyHoli.
A troubled family waiting for a safe haven in a new countryis the talking point of today. #Visa is a short
film that captures
the struggles of such a journey. Stay tuned for more.
#BarrelSelect #LargeShortFilms
An epitome of talent, originality and perfection,
Royal Stag Barrel Select creates a mark of its own.
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Royal Stag Barrel Select Large Short Films becomes the epitome of talent, originality and perfection - Bollywood Hungama
A validation for creating original and perfect short films.
Thanks to each one of you for the love and faith
you have shown all these years.
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This Is How ‘Large Short Films’ Became A Game Changer For The Film Industry
"The Large Short Films production is a showcase
for @kritika Kamra’s expressive face & Surjodeep Ghosh’s
suitably low-lit cinematography.
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Watch: In 'White Shirt', a garment is the deal-breaker in a marriage
Watch our #shortoftheweek, 'roll call', which
is a reflection of the other side of the truth.
#barrelselect #largeshortfilms