The Republican health care bill could leave many Americans without affordable coverage. Last Week Tonight's catheter cowboy returns to morning cable news to explain that to Donald Trump.
Which lobster should serve as Neil Gorsuch on our Dog Supreme Court? #ClawAndOrder
Vladimir Putin is known as a ruthless leader and master manipulator. John Oliver enlists a group of singing dancers to explain that to Donald Trump.
Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.
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You may have forgotten, so here's our Groundhog Day reminder to ask the DNC and RNC to reform the primary process. We understand you may currently have bigger political fish than primary election reform to fry, so we’ll try again on Arbor Day.

Primaries and Caucuses: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Primaries and caucuses are a surprisingly undemocratic part of the democratic process. John Oliver discusses our convoluted system for choosing presidential ...

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