Curioso cepillo electrico alisador...¿Alguien lo ha intentado? ¿Funciona?
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Gary Johnson wants to get the federal government out of the education business, but public schools are run by the states and local communities, and there Johnson is giving mixed signals about the degree to which he wants to fully privatize public education.
Maria Teresa Kumar, CEO and president of Voto Latino, says undocumented immigrants pay $12 billion of taxes every single year.
Giuliani misses first sentence of the story.
Hillary Clinton says for the first time ever, the United States is energy independent.
A 2007 appointee, a surgeon and Muslim activist, said in a 2000 speech that the "jihad way is the way to liberate your land." Kaine, when told of the comment 7 years later, immediately obtained Omeish’s resignation.
Ad was made by a pro-Trump super PAC and the comments from Michelle Obama are somewhat oblique.
Pence was referring to three unsuccessful tax hikes proposed by Kaine. Added up, they come to $4 billion in proposed tax hikes and fees.
Trump attributes Benghazi criticism to Sid Blumenthal, a Clinton confidant. But it was a Newsweek reporter who wrote the criticism. Blumenthal just emailed the story.
Fact checking the first Ron Johnson-Russ Feingold Wisconsin U.S. Senate debate. We review six claims from the candidates, on Social Security, trade, the military and more, that we've examined before. [ Link ]
Need a refresher on Trump & Clinton claims? Take a look at their scorecards.
Democratic vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine claims 15 million jobs were created during Pres. Barack Obama's tenure.
Hillary Clinton wants to bring in thousands of refugees without screening?
Tim Kaine leaves out important information when alleging that Donald Trump and Mike Pence want to eliminate the federal minimum wage.
Donald Trump claims Hillary Clinton "set aside environmental and labor rules to help a South Korean company with a record of violating workers’ rights set up what amounts to a sweatshop in Haiti."
Mike Pence says ISIS overran Iraq because Hillary Clinton failed to cut a status of forces deal with Iraq.
Paletero de 89 Años, Fidencio Sanchez, Tiene 23 Años Empujando La Carretilla. Ahora, finalmente puede jubilarse gracias a un buen samaritano.

Esta Foto de un Paletero de 89 Años en Chicago Conmueve Facebook; Recibirá $200,000 en Donaciones
Juan Gabriel muere a los 66 años en California por un infarto repentino. La comunidad latina está de luto.

Juan Gabriel: Muerto a los 66 años por causa de un infarto repentino – Informe [Últimas Noticias]