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This child solves the Rubik's cube without looking!!!!
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So true. Enjoy your week everyone.
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Such a simple activity to set up for toddlers and so great for developing their hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills.
See it here -> [ Link ]
Pin here - [ Link ]
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How awesome is this! Tag a friend.
My DIY zipper board is so easy to make and a great homemade toy that will develop your child's fine motor skills. Yay!
[ Link ]
Melt downs are common with kids, even the ones after school and kinder. Here is an interesting article for those who are interested.
[ Link ]

5 Ways To Handle The After-School Meltdown With Style
If you're anything like me, these tips you might find helpful. ;)
Sharing this again because it's just so awesome. Is this something your child would enjoy?
Dinosaur Dough using 3 ingredients!
This is a super soft play dough for children who love dinosaurs. Great for building a mountainous terrain and imprinting dinosaurs and their footprints. Find the recipe below.
Recipe -> [ Link ]
Pinterest - [ Link ]
Some cute ideas for Valentine's Day.
Which one is your favourite? I love the strawberry rose.
How awesome is this free Batmobile printable! Do you have a child who loves Batman?
Such a cool activity to do with kids. Has anyone tried this or similar?
Add your comment and/or any pictures below.
This is amazing and a great way to get emergency services to the car accident.