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A fresh and zesty yellow-green shade which evokes the first days of spring! This week under the #LavaSpotlight is the colour of 2017. According to @PantoneColor, the colour Greenery is all about rejuvenation and revitalisation! What do you guys think?
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Make work fun by adding a dose of entertainment to it! The #Lava A76+ with its Video PIP feature lets you shrink videos to one corner. Carry on with your work without compromising on the fun! Get one for Rs. 5,699: [ Link ]
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A music festival by the sea with tents under the stars. How does that sound? Fantastic, right? Experience all this at the Nariyal Pani Festival at Alibaug starting today. So grab your backpacks and head out now!

Nariyal Paani - Festival By The Sea | 21st to 22nd January, 2017 | Morapada, Alibaug
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Mails. Presentations. Documents. Apps. Conquer them all without any lags! The #Lava X81 sports a 3GB RAM to enhance your multitasking experience. Grab one for Rs. 11,499:
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Clubbing = low light selfies? Not with the #Lava X17! Its dual LED flash-equipped 5MP camera makes sure that you are selfie-ready, with or without light! Get it at Rs 6,899:
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The #Lava X19 and it's multi-window support ensures that you get to work and play at the same time. Literally! So, get ready to take multitasking notches higher! Grab one for Rs. 6,699
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Draining batteries can be troublesome. Say goodbye to low batteries because the #Lava A97 and its App Standby feature ensures that your phone runs longer on a single charge! Grab one for Rs. 5,949
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Be it work or personal, a missed email can cause trouble. Know how to add email accounts to your Gmail app. Learn, try and never miss out on any email again! #TechTip
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The shrink screen feature on the #LavaX50+ lets you take out time for both creativity and fun at one go! Grab one for Rs. 9,199
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Because every good memory is precious! Parties or impromptu road trips, capture it all with the #Lava X17 and it's amazing 8MP Rear Camera. Get one for yourself at Rs. 6,899
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In 2016, we experienced a burst of innovations in the field of science and technology from driverless cars to automated homes. This week under the #LavaSpotlight, we have some of the most exciting innovations that might shape our future in the new year.

5 tech trends that will change the world in 2017
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On this Indian Army Day, we salute the brave hearts who guard the front lines to keep our motherland safe, give up on normal lives, so that we can live peacefully, and fight for us, even when their lives are at stake. Thank you for everything that you do. Jai Hind!
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Need to catch the highlights of your favorite game on the go? Well, with the #Lava X28 & it's stunning 5.5" HD IPS Display, watch it from wherever and whenever! Get it at Rs. 7,349
From flying kites to lighting bonfires, the arrival of Spring is celebrated throughout the country. It marks the start of the harvest season. Lava wishes everyone a prosperous harvest season. May the Spring bring in warmth and happiness to everyone.
College reunion and trips bring back those priceless memories, right? Be ready to capture the good times with the #Lava X81's superb 13MP rear camera! Grab one for Rs. 11,499.
The Kapil sharma Show never fails to leave us in splits! Managed to catch the latest episode on Sony Entertainment Television? With Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapur on the set, all we can say is, it was epic!
Be it for streaming those cute videos or downloading your favorite games, no one likes slow internet, right? We get that! So say hello to super fast internet because the #Lava A97 comes with 4G VoLTE support. Make it yours at Rs. 5949 [ Link ]
This National Youth Day, tell us what change you wish to see around you. Lesser traffic? More safety for women? Cleaner streets? Do let us know.
Be ready to click those perfect selfies round the clock! All thanks to the #Lava A76+ & it's LED Flash-equipped 5MP front camera! Get one for yourself at Rs. 5,599
What's even better than getting yourself a brand new #Lava phone? Enjoying fast, free & unlimited #Jio4G on it! Yes, you read that right. You can now avail the JIO Happy New Year Offer on our 4G handsets till 31st March.