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The homicide suspect came out of the house and fired at officers - [ Link ]

Police K9 Killed, Officer Shot In Louisiana
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Chief Tim Barfield is teaching at #ILEETA2017 this week. Our profession needs more of him - [ Link ]

Ohio Police Chief Tim Barfield Is The Leader That We Need
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See Stacy Ettel free along with a lunch in Boston next week. You can register here - [ Link ]

Behind the Line Leadership: Boston
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Cars have become the weapon of choice for terrorists and in some American cities, Cops can't even use force to stop it - [ Link ]

The Politics Of Shooting At Moving Cars
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The shot Wisconsin Police Officer has died and we have updated our story from earlier - [ Link ]

Wisconsin Police Officer, 3 Killed In Domestic Dispute
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We are on the road bringing you Law Officer Live from ILEETA 2017 in Saint Louis, MO. We have an amazing line up of guest this evening.

Our special guests include:
Karen Solomon, Founder of 1st Help
Jeff Chudwin, retired Police Chief and 42 year police veteran
Brian Hill, Owner- Mental Ammo Training
Kim Heath, 2016 National Police Patrol Rifle Winner
John Bostain, Command Presence...
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Join us in 1 hour on facebook or our website for Law Officer Live from the ILEETA Conference - [ Link ]

Law Officer Live: ILEETA 2017
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A sad fact is this is occurs more than LODD. Our profession must address it - [ Link ]

Customs Officer Commits Suicide At Minnesota Border Crossing
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It's not because someone committed an armed robbery in a similar vehicle? - [ Link ]

Wyclef Jean Claims He Was Targeted By Police Because He Was Black
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Our prayers are with our London brothers and sisters.
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After receiving a complaint that the flag was racist, the homeowner was made to take it down - [ Link ]

Homeowner Told To Take Down Thin Blue Line Flag
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Our day continues at the SWAT Games. Check out our live show tonight at 7 pm from the ILEETA Conference. #ILEETA2017
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We have a team covering the Oklahoma SWAT Games. Stay tuned for much more.
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