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Detective Chelsea Whitaker breaks down the Ricky Williams Encounter like you've never heard it - [ Link ]

The Ricky Williams Incident
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Orlando PD released the footage from their helicopter - [ Link ]

Watch The Capture Of Orlando Cop Killer
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President Trump Begins his term tomorrow. Here is how he can "Make Policing Great Again" Donald J. Trump - [ Link ]

How President Trump Can Make Policing Great Again
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The Dallas Police Sergeant has also sued Black Lives Matter for their role in violence against police - [ Link ]

Dallas Cop Sues Media For Helping Influence Cop Killer
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We continue our coverage of the 2017 SHOT Show with Range Day Reviews - [ Link ]

SHOT Show: Media Range Day
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It looks like D.C. Police are making the right call despite the concerns from the ACLU - [ Link ]

D.C. Police Told To Keep Cameras On During The Inauguration
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Watch this dramatic OIS when Chicago Cops see a man shooting into a crowd - [ Link ]

Watch Chicago Police Shoot And Kill Man Firing Into Crowd
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The coward ambushed officers while they sat in their patrol car - [ Link ]

Convicted Cop Killer Found Dead In Jail Cell
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Tonight we are joined by our good friend Dr Mark Sherwood of Blu Armor. Get a wealth of heath and fitness knowledge packed in this one hour show. Food, Water, Energy, Testosterone and more.
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Join us in 30 minutes as we go live with our Police Fitness Expert.
There is much more to use of force than the actual force used - [ Link ]

When the Dust Settles
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Listen to our latest podcast with the founder of 'Under The Shield' and find out how we can reduce police suicide - [ Link ]

On The Beat: Under The Shield
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The new model policy includes de-escalation but keeps the shooting at cars in it - [ Link ]

New Model Use Of Force Policy Includes De-Escalation
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It is believed he was on duty driving to the State Capital - [ Link ]

New Mexico Sheriff Killed In Car Crash
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There has been a 20% increase in officers leaving the department - [ Link ]

Union Boss Blames Increase In NYPD Resignations On Low Pay