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Lay's India
04/24/2017 at 09:58. Facebook
Bite into its deep ridges and feel the powerful crunch with intense flavours. The perfect snack to Maxx out an evening of adventure!
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Sayak Rudra
In collaboration with LTLI technologies, Lay’s R&D labs have developed a path-breaking packaging technology. Presenting, the limited edition Lay’s No-Share pack! Installed with fingerprint sensors, Lay’s No-Share pack allows you (and only you) to open and lock your favourite Lay’s. It's ergo-nom-nom-nomical system locks the pack if not touched for 30 seconds and activates standby mode. With...
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Lay's India
Md Akheel
Vayun Makwana
BuzzFeed India, Egg-cellent recipe this. We're so gonna try it out.
Aashish Raj
Samarth Bhat
Dhruvil Shukla
#MySubCombo you’d hate to share! Visit your favourite SUBWAY INDIA outlet to try out the new sub of the day with Pepsi and Lay's!
Manish Sharma
Drviswanathan Ar
Vishal Khemnar
Show us how quick can you grab the coolest trio ever? ;) Try #MySubCombo with a pack of Lay’s and chillin’ Pepsi at your nearest SUBWAY INDIA outlet!
Rashmika Shobhit Bansal
Siddha Prabhu Sinai Borkar
Keerthi Cutepie
"This is not a joke. We are not trying to be funny" #Oscars2017
"This is not a joke We are not trying to be funny" Oscars2017
Shivani Kamat
Rayees Ahmad
Khushwinder Singh Khurana
Love isn’t always about a person, here’s to all forms and phases of love. Don’t we just #LoveToLoveIt? #ValentinesDay
Love isnt always about a person heres to all forms and phases
Ganash Karki Ganash Karki
Vedika Sood
Sunil Kumar Bijankari
The ultimate combo is here! Share your love for #MySubCombo! Save upto 25% by upgrading your subway meal to a combo with Pepsi and Lay’s! SUBWAY INDIA
Sheetal Kapur
Priyanka Singh
Yolanda YolandaAgin
Get ready for the magical Parade with what you love to love the most! ;) #LoveToLoveIt #HappyRepublicDay
Get ready for the magical Parade with what you love to love
Aditya Dadhich
Aniket Patil
Shivani Kamat
Don’t let #FridayThe13th chills take over! Keep your Lay’s pack safe today #JustSaying #LoveToLoveIt
Dont let FridayThe13th chills take over Keep your Lays pack safe today
Rayees Ahmad
Farhan Shekhani
Ana Roma
Kabhi Twistz toh kabhi Crispz! Which one will you pick? ;) Take a screenshot and share your pick with us! #KabhiTwistzKabhiCrispz
Ramya Ramaswamy
India Today News
Rajesh Kumar M
Here's to more love to love in 2017! #LoveToLoveIt
Pratik Joshi
India Today News
Kabhi Twistz toh Kabhi Crispz! Lay's ke new shapes- which one will you pick? ;) #KabhiTwistzKabhiCrispz
Watch more: [ Link ]
Raakhi Khatwani
Shaikh Mehboob
Ranbir absolutely loves the new Lay's Twistz & Crispz! Have you tried it yet? #KabhiTwistzKabhiCrispz which one will you pick? ;)
Watch more: [ Link ]
Zeenath Shaikh
Madhupa Sinha
Catch Ranbir doing the Crispz with the New Lay’s Crispz! #KabhiTwistzKabhiCrispz Watch it here: [ Link ]
Ranbir goes Twistz! #KabhiTwistzKabhiCrispz Check him out rocking out to the new Lay’s Twistz here: [ Link ]
Can you Twistz it-Crispz it better than Ranbir? #KabhiTwistzKabhiCrispz Which one will you pick? ;)
Watch more: [ Link ]
Vedika Sood
Adyasha Roy Tomar
Faruk Parmar
One does not simply succeed at the #MannequinChallenge, specially when you have the irresistible Subway Classy Combo in front of you! ;) Check it out! #MaxxCrunch #MaxxTaste
Lee Zoldack Sheetling
Which flavour are you celebrating this Christmas with? #LoveToLoveIt #MerryChristmas
Harshil Dhawan
Sharanya Mahalka
Rayees Ahmad
Heading out on a weekend trip with the bros? Don’t forget to pack the Lay’s Maxx Hot and Sour Punch! #MaxxCrunch #MaxxTaste
Heading out on a weekend trip with the bros Dont forget to
Pratyush Shukla
Ram Niwas Lays
Paban Das