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These two are adorable and ready to explore the city.
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03/22/2017 at 15:00. Facebook
Sometimes the black blazer needs a makeover – lace is the perfect choice to freshen things up.
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Spring has officially arrived – now you can plan weekend trips
to the coast.
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Your cool pieces have cool messages. ​
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T-shirt with a fun print, washed-out grey jeans for the comfortable look any time of the day.
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Have you got a trench coat for your girl already? ​
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03/17/2017 at 12:30. Facebook
Reach your limits in sports! And don't forget to have fun at training!​
This season is all about lace and interesting sleeves. Add pastel trousers to it and you are perfect.
Have you seen our new shirts collection?
On 4th of March our 300th International Store been opened in Ukraine!
We are glad to spread LC Waikiki style all over the world!
Your daughter might change her hobbies all the time, but she sticks to her favorite clothes.
The first LC Waikiki store in Kenya opened its doors in Nairobi on February 17th. We would like to welcome you to Two Rivers Mall.
Start the week with a nice walk with your best friend.
Cool, young ladies always choose a black biker jacket and eye-catching prints.
It`s time for the trench coat, also for the younger gentlemen.
Two timeless pieces are back: black and white stripped shirt and military style jacket.
Pastel shades and light materials - you are ready for spring.​
Youthful and cool design will accentuate your personality.​