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'Keep up the good work', First Minister tells us. We certainly will... [ League.org.uk Link ]

’Keep up the good work’, Scottish First Minister tells League

Good news about Wimbledon Greyhound Racing stadium closing? You bet... Please share if you agree... [ League.org.uk Link ]

A step in the right direction: Wimbledon greyhound stadium to hold last ever race this weekend

Concerning revelations from Stop the cull
Do you or someone you know live in East Anglia? Want to find out more about the League? We're holding a special event on Saturday 1st April in Norwich (it's not a joke, honest!), where you can talk to us and meet one of our investigators - it will be a fascinating insight into our work! Details here - please come along! And please share with anyone in the area, thanks! [ League.org.uk Link ]

Norwich community talk - 01/04/2017 10:30:00

Call for information re snaring - if you see snares around a shooting estate, please tell our Animal Crimewatch team. [ Scottishspca.org Link ]

Fox made lucky escape from illegal snare

Interesting story. How does this fit with recent controversies about hunting on NT land? [ Telegraph.co.uk Link ]

National Trust returns to roots to reverse decline of threatened wildlife

Interesting blog from our former CEO about how Sir Gerald Kaufman made a major contribution to protecting animals... [ League.org.uk Link ]

Gerald Kaufman – the quiet man who roared for animals

Fox hunting court case in Scotland. We were in court today giving evidence. The case continues. Please share to show that people are watching... [ Bordertelegraph.com Link ]

Trial hears how fox is dug from hole before being chased by hound pack

Our collegues at Animal Aid have revealed that a staggering 1,500 horses died on racecourses across Britain in the last decade

'Staggering' Death Toll Of British Racehorses Revealed Ahead Of Cheltenham Festival

Spring's coming (or is it here?) Take a moment to immerse yourself in life at our Baronsdown sanctuary, where wildlife is free to enjoy nature as it was intended. [ League.org.uk Link ]

A helping hand for wildlife

The 25 bTB-infected hounds of the Kimblewick Hunt may just be the tip of an iceberg of diseased dogs spreading TB across the UK - while badgers take the blame.

Are hunting hounds the 'cryptic carrier' for bovine TB?

This case highlights exactly why the pro-hunt lobby want to have the Hunting Act repealed.

How two birdwatchers helped bring these illegal fox hunters to court

Hunters are exploiting a legal loophole to satisfy their bloodlust, and hunt and kill deer.

The Hunting Act 2004 has a list of exemptions, which under certain circumstances, does allow hunting with dogs. One of these, ‘research and observation’, is being regularly used by stag hunts to avoid prosecution.

Shockingly, this loophole is allowing stag hunters in England to behave with...
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Now that a new potential way for the disease to spread has been discovered, we would assume that every available measure to investigate the outbreak and prevent further spread of the disease would be taken. Looking at the apparent response so far, there has to be concern that this hasn’t happened.

Defra's Response To Hunt bTB Outbreak Will Be Telling

Good news!

Fox hunters found guilty after being filmed by birdwatchers.

District judge Tim Spruce said: “It’s an inescapable conclusion that the Grove and Rufford Hunt were hunting foxes and not artificial scent trails.

“They maintained they were engaged in trail laying, but I am not convinced that this was the case.”

[ League.org.uk Link ]