This is a good question. Do we say: 'Arsenal is going to win' or 'Arsenal are going to win'? Find out in this week's podcast.
And the answer is not 'Arsenal are/is NOT going to win'!! :)

Group Nouns - 16/17 ep.23
Gemma and Jack really don't agree about their teachers! Watch the video then do the activities to practise your speaking skills and learn more about agreeing and disagreeing!


Different opinions
The answer to yesterday's quiz was (d) don't have to. Did you get it right?
You _____ get your pet a collar, but it's a good idea.
a) ̶m̶u̶s̶t̶
b) m̶u̶s̶t̶n̶'̶t̶
c) ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶
d) don't have to ✔
We use 'don't have to' to show there is no obligation to do something. You can do it if you want to, but there's no rule or law or person forcing you to do it. You can find out more by clicking...
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Have to, must and should for obligation and advice
Do you know what KTV is? Are you a fan? Find out what our blogger has to say about it!


What is KTV? | LearnEnglish Teens | British Council
In some speaking exams you have to discuss a topic, give your opinions and agree or disagree. Check out this video to learn more, then click here to learn useful vocabulary and try it for yourself: [ Link ]

Learning English is great - do you agree? :-)
Check out these different ways to agree or disagree. Be careful though...'I totally disagree' and 'absolutely not' are for strong disagreement, and 'no way' and 'you can't be serious' are not so polite, so use them carefully!

You _____ get your pet a collar, but it's a good idea.
a) must
b) mustn't
c) have to
d) don't have to

Do you know the answer?


Have to, must and should for obligation and advice
Do you have a pet? Or would you like one? Do you prefer dogs or cats? Or do you like another type of pet altogether? Tell us here!


Pet mania
Do you know the answer? Watch the latest episode of Starting Out to find out! [ Link ]

Whether you're just starting to learn English or preparing for your next exam, our fantastic speaking skills videos can help you!
Watch and listen to lots of everyday conversations, then practise taking part at four different levels from A1 to B2!

It's time for some more great new UK music with The Selector – British Council! On this week's show we have a live session from Tourist, music from London Grammar, Oliver Wilde, EAT FAST, Get Inuit, Laish, The Pigeon Detectives, Izzi Dunn, Declan McKenna, Temples, Alice Jemima and Citizenn In The Mix!


The Selector w/ Tourist & Citizenn
We're having a bit of an 'animal' day on LearnEnglish Teens today!
Do you have a pet? Is it a hippo??? :D :D
Tell us about it below!
Also check out these links for improving your vocabulary all about animals -
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Animal vocabulary Easy list: [ Link ]

Hippo that lives in a house
London is home to millions of people but it’s also home to many wild animals. Before watching the video ... tell us in a comment below what sort of 'wild' animals do you think will be shown in the video? One is in the picture...but there are lots more!


Wild animals
Have you been watching the new Planet Earth II? It's absolutely fab! :) (if you are into animals that is!!!)
Have a go at this quiz below and see if you have what it takes to capture the incredible wildlife shots from Planet Earth II and let us know how you get on!

Planet Earth II - Are you tough enough? - BBC One
300 species, including gorillas, chimps and one of my favourite animals, lemurs, are now threatened with extinction. :(
What type of animals in your countries are facing this problem?


Over half of world's wild primate species face extinction, report reveals
Humans aren't the only ones having to deal with cold, snowy weather!

Zoo animals playing in the snow - CBBC Newsround
Did you try this spelling quiz? Here's the answer!
If you find spelling challenging, check out these links!
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#LearnEnglish #spelling #quiz
How much time do you spend online every day? Which sites or apps do you use most often? Tell us about your typical day!


A day in the digital life of a teenager
How do you communicate with your friends? Think about it for a you spend more time speaking to them face to face, or more time chatting on social media? Which do you prefer? :-) See what our blogger has to say about it...

What was your favourite book when you were a child? What's the first book you remember reading? Tell us in the comments!


My favourite childhood books | LearnEnglish Teens | British Council