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Had fun in Malaysia with this crew! Name the YouTube channels !! ????????
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Who's here from Malaysia? HI! Oh man it's been crazy fun these past days. I fed an ostrich today LOL didn't know ostriches look so interesting. Ahha anyways I am loving the Kopi and Nasi Lemak ❀ #upinmalaysia #likeyowhatup #malaysia #carselfiesforthewin
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How I Feel During Final Exams.....

Haha share/tag if you can relate !!
Currently in Singapore for their Maker Bootcamp! This is us during our breaks haha #mannequinchallenge #IMPIXEL #SMFIgnite #ad
New video out soon ! How Get a Boyfriend.... This time in Hawaii!! I partnered up with East Meet East who helped bring it to life! So if you're trying to find a boyfriend too, their dating app is dedicated to Asians in North America. Check them out below and stay tuned for the video :)
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Facebook status be like haha
oh man.... things are about to go down haha
"All White People Look the Same?"

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I always hear "All Asian People Look the Same!"
This happens to me all the time. So many people come up to me and say "Ni Hao" or "Konichiwa"
I guess some people are trying to create conversation but it's like
If I started speaking French to every European person I see, you probably find that strange.
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At the club like it....ahaha
Had some fun using the google assistant today asking it questions ahha! #TeamPixel #madebygoogle, #sponsored, Google Canada
when I am pissed off XD
When I overthink... haha
When you be jumping into conclusions lolll