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Legalize Marijuana
11/30/2016 at 15:09. Facebook
“If you survey the American people, including Trump voters, they’re…in favor, in large numbers, of decriminalizing marijuana... I do believe that treating this as a public-health issue, the same way we do with cigarettes or alcohol, is the much smarter way to deal with it.”

Do Obama’s Last-Minute Marijuana Comments Signal Big Moves?

"Good people don't smoke marijuana." Oh, really?
It's more important than ever to encourage Trump to keep his promises on respecting state marijuana laws. Sign the petition: [ MarijuanaMajority.com Link ]

Trump’s pick for attorney general: ‘Good people don’t smoke marijuana’

This would be a huge change for marijuana at the DNC.

Potential New Top Democrat Supports Marijuana Reform

Consider this: There are still 400,000 votes left to count on Arizona's marijuana legalization measure.

Is Arizona’s Legal Marijuana Measure Still Alive?

Two of Congress's most vocal marijuana opponents are out of a job after Tuesday's elections...

Congress Just Got More Marijuana Friendly

Can't stop. Won't stop.
The wins for marijuana just keep coming tonight...
Big night for marijuana!!!!
Marijuana election day is tomorrow! Want the first results ASAP as they come in?

Do this:

[ MarijuanaMajority.com Link ]

Get Marijuana Majority news updates & action alerts

When 1/5 of the country lives in a legal marijuana state, federal prohibition is "not gonna be tenable," President Obama says.

Obama: Federal Prohibition Not ‘Tenable’ After State Marijuana Votes

New police data shows that simply decriminalizing marijuana doesn't reduce racial discrimination in enforcement. Full legalization is needed!

Marijuana Decrim Doesn’t Stop Discrimination, New Data Shows

A 36-year-old U.S. man diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in March of this year is now being forced to confront the likelihood of losing his job should he choose to use marijuana for the purpose of relieving symptoms caused by his cancer and cancer treatments.

Federal Employee With Stage IV Cancer May Lose Job For Taking Medical Marijuana

The California marijuana legalization measure just got a couple of big new endorsements.

Former California Mayors Endorse Legal Marijuana Measure

These members of Congress are pushing the DEA to explain why it spends so much money chopping down marijuana plants.

Lawmakers Push DEA to Justify Marijuana Eradication

Colorado's marijuana industry is bigger than its craft beer industry, a new report finds.

Report: Colorado marijuana industry is already bigger than craft beer - Denverite

Where does your member of Congress stand on marijuana & drug policy?

Drug Policy Action Releases 2016 Congressional Voter Guide | Drug Policy Action

Passing legal marijuana measures in five states next month could lead to the end of federal prohibition much sooner than anyone thought.

State Marijuana Votes Could End Federal Prohibition in 2017