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LEGear Australia
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Be always ready for action with a flexible, quality setup from High Speed Gear. We have base belts and chest rigs in stock, and a massive range of tacos and pouches ready to be added so you can create the perfect custom setup for your mission and gear. View our HSG selection here: goo.gl/xQZ3nf
LEGear Australia
LEGear Australia
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LEGear Australia
LEGear Australia
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Go Geordie, flying the Aussie flag. We stock a good range of class-leading Bushnell products, from binoculars to scopes to rangefinders to even a speed gun. View our Bushnell range here: goo.gl/nMBKzV
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LEGear Australia
LEGear Australia
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Is there a tougher more reliable watch on the market than the G-Shock? We currently have 155 G-Shock varieties on our online store, ready to ship. Check them out here: [ Goo.gl Link ]
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LEGear Australia
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Alex Xavier
Alex Xavier
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LEGear Australia
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LEGear Australia
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Sources say the sniper killed an Islamic State insurgent from a distance of 3,450 metres in a feat one a military insider says may β€˜never be equalled’
LEGear Australia 06/22/2017

Canadian elite special forces sniper sets record-breaking kill shot in Iraq

Liam Hills
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Stuart D. Stratford-Hall
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LEGear Australia
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Multi-purpose apparel is great, especially when it looks this good. We currently have the 5.11 Apex Pant in Khaki, Brown, Navy, Green, and Black all available in numerous sizes and ready to go out. Shop today to take advantage of our latest EOFY sale, free shipping for purchases over $100 -
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LEGear Australia
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EOFY - Free shipping on now! Click here: [ Goo.gl Link ]
EOFY  Free shipping on now Click here
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LEGear Australia
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Some midweek madness. Tag a mate who couldn't handle that recoil. [ Legear.com.au Link ]
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Have you worn an Original S.W.A.T. boot before? We have been getting good feedback on a number of their products, with models such as this Chase 9" having great mission-enhancing features such as moisture-wicking protection, a slip and oil resistant sole, and a side-zip for quick and easy on and off. Check out the full range here: [ Legear.com.au Link ]
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Us Australians are so lucky to have such elite forces fighting for us and protecting our country. Thankyou ADF for all the good you do.

At LEGEAR, we are proud and privileged to provide the ADF and numerous other law enforcement and service organisations with the best gear, and are super excited that we can then bring this elite quality product to the general consumer market. [ Legear.com.au...
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Good news! We can confirm that LEGEAR is the first official supplier of the innovative load bearing ONE299 range. ONE299 products are currently being rolled out to the Australian Defence Force and New Zealand Special Forces after being deemed the superior product on the market, and we're super excited to be able to bring such cutting edge innovation to the general market. Find out more here: [...
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Good news We can confirm that LEGEAR is the first official supplier
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PRODUCT SHOWCASE: First Tactical Hard Knuckle glove. The video speaks for itself. Note the attention to detail in the glove design. That's how you know you've got a quality product - [ Goo.gl Link ]
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Medic dog?!
T-minus not long to take advantage of 20% off the entire LEGEAR range. Sale ends midnight tonight - [ Legear.com.au Link ]
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Don't get caught out with poor quality gear like this officer, perform at your best, with the best with LEGEAR. Shop tonight for 20% off:
Dont get caught out with poor quality gear like this officer perform
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Our mission to deliver the best gear at the best prices continues with 20% off our entire 10k+ product range. What is your mission? Is it to perform at your best, no excuses? If so you need the best, you need gear that won't let you down:
Our mission to deliver the best gear at the best prices continues
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Our EOFY deal continues! 20% off sitewide. Hurry, 3 days only! See full range here: [ Goo.gl Link ]
Our EOFY deal continues 20 off sitewide Hurry 3 days only See full range here:
Last chance to take advantage of our Spend and Save deal where you can get up to 25% off any of our products. Sale ends midnight tonight: [ Legear.com.au Link ]
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