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Are LFL athletes the toughest of any women's sport?

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Is this Dakota Hughes LFL and Atlanta Steam season?

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Who's getting excited!

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23 Days till REAL football returns.

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#MotivationMonday w/2009 All-Star cornerback Christie Burns

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25 Days til Football Returns.

Week 1, Seattle MIST at Austin ACOUSTIC, FRI. APRIL 14 in Austin, TX.
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LFL Films presents 'Anticipation', 2017 National Commercial, premieres April 4, featuring Chelsey Haardt Lfl
Ending with aggression...that's a wrap!!!
Chelsey Haardt Lfl is seeing RED
Photo by Photography by Jose
The Chelsey Haardt Lfl shooting this season's commercial.
ON SET with THE Chelsey Haardt Lfl
Behind the Scenes: 2017 National Commercial
FInd more information about Chelsey at Chelsey Haardt Lfl &
@c_haardt9 on Instagram
Behind the Scenes: LFL 2017 National Commercial Shoot
(Photography Photography by Jose)
Go Facebook LIVE tonight from the LFL Films 2017 national commercial shoot, 11pmET
What does Seattle Mist signing of QB Michelle Angel mean for KK Matheny LFL era?

BREAKING: Nicole Peterson LFL Jade Randle, LFL and Michelle Angel expected to sign w/Seattle Mist

Facebook LIVE and LFL Films set to partner to produce LIVE content for 2017 season. #Kickoff2017 #LFL