Brush up on your knowledge of Monet before 'Monet: The Early Years' opens on Saturday with our new Digital Stories initiative.

These free digital exhibition guides will be produced for each major exhibition and will give you the opportunity to learn more about an artist, art movement or time period before coming to see an exhibition. Examine Monet's use of brushwork, learn how composition...
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Monet: The Early Years | FAMSF Digital Stories
Legion of Honor Museum
02/22/2017 at 23:26. Facebook
Final week! Get a last look at books by the masters of visual and literary art, from Lissitzky to Kadinsky, before 'Historic Futures: Artists Reinvent the Book' ends this Sunday.

'Dlia Golosa (For the Voice)' | El Lissitzky | 1923
Legion of Honor Museum
02/22/2017 at 20:26. Facebook
Our spring exhibition, 'Monet: The Early Years' opens this weekend. Catch a sneak peek now, via SFGATE. Remember to order timed tickets for this popular exhibition, available online now.

Monet comes to San Francisco's Legion of Honor
Legion of Honor Museum
02/21/2017 at 20:28. Facebook
The galleries of 'Monet: The Early Years' are coming together! The focal point in Rosekrans Court is the impressive 'Luncheon on the Grass', on loan from the Musée d'Orsay. Made up of two surviving segments of a larger, never-finished painting, at its tallest, this impressive scene stands at nearly 14ft high.

See it in person when the exhibition opens this Saturday, February 25th, with a day...
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Legion of Honor Museum
02/20/2017 at 20:43. Facebook
Mummy Monday: Herakleides, a Romano-Egyptian mummy from the Getty Museum was found to contain a mummified ibis within the shroud wrappings during a CT scan. This Egyptian wading bird symbolized the god of writing and magic, Thoth, and provides clues as to who the young man was during his lifetime.

Learn more about what modern technology can teach us about how ancient Egyptians lived and died...
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A Young Man’s Mummy Offers Clues to Cultural Exchange and Technology in Roman-Ruled Egypt
Legion of Honor Museum
02/19/2017 at 21:15. Facebook
Meet the Muse: Victor Hugo

Rodin was encouraged to portray famous people he admired, such as poet and writer, Victor Hugo. However, Hugo, who penned 'Les Misérables' and 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame,' was reluctant to sit for the artist and eventually declined. In turn, works of Hugo were made mostly from memory and resulted in a more idealized style than Rodin's typical works....
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What happens when a Russian artist makes a book with only red and black ink and publishes it through a German compositor? See for yourself in 'Historic Futures,' an exhibition of groundbreaking artists books, closing February 26th.

'Dlia Golosa (For the Voice)' | El Lissitzky | 1923
'Monet: The Early Years' opens next weekend! Brush up on the artist you thought you knew with this weekend's free lecture, and don't forget to purchase your tickets to the exhibition in advance if you haven't already done so.

Lecture: Monet: The Early Years, by Carol Porter
Happy Valentine's Day! Looking for love at the Legion? At the heart of our latest exhibition, 'Auguste Rodin: The Centenary Installation' is Rodin's renowned 'The Kiss.'

Originally part of 'Gates of Hell,' the sculpture shocked audiences as an immodest portrayal of Dante's characters. Rodin extracted and renamed it and it is now one of the sculptor's most recognizable works....
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Mummy Monday: If you missed Curator in Charge of Ancient Art and Interpretation, Renee Dreyfus, discussing 'The Future of the Past: Mummies and Medicine' (including the inscriptions that can be found on the coffin of Irethorrou) on Bay Area Focus, watch again here.

Learn more about the exhibition:

The Legion of Honor Exhibit "Mummies and Medicine"

Official Site: YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: ...

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day and 'Auguste Rodin: The Centenary Installation,' we’d like to introduce you to one of the master’s many muses.

Meet the Muse: Camille Claudel, the sculptor who came to work as Rodin's assistant. The two inspired each other in work and love. Get acquainted with Claudel, as one of her own works is also presented in the exhibition.

'Head of...
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Rethinking and retelling the story of our Rodin collection, via San Francisco Chronicle.

Bask in the bronze, marble and plaster glory of the father of modern sculpture in 'Auguste Rodin: The Centenary Installation,' on view through April 9th.

Legion of Honor rethinks Rodin sculptures for centennial
If the sight of a Monet on a gallery wall gives you waves of joy, get ready to meet the young man who became the master in 'Monet: The Early Years,' opening February 25th. Advance tickets are on sale now -- buy yours early to guarantee you don't miss out.

'Waves Breaking' | Claude Monet | 1881
"The remains in question include, significantly, the Spirit Cave mummy, the oldest known mummy from North America. The 10,600-year-old man was found shrouded in woven reed mats and a rabbit-skin blanket in August 1940 in a cave east of Fallon, Nevada."

Mummy Monday: No one knew how old the Spirit Cave mummy was until the 1990s, when it was carbon dated, via Hyperallergic.

North America's Oldest Mummy Returns to a Native Tribe | Hyperallergic
From Paris to San Francisco, travel with Rodin at these exhibitions around the world, via Vogue.

'Auguste Rodin: The Centenary Installation' is now on view through April 9th.

Travel in the Footsteps of Auguste Rodin This Year
"Given the historical and geographical breadth of our holdings – ranging from antiquity to modern art, from Europe to the Americas, Oceania, and Africa – we can present current forms of artistic production in dialogue with artworks from different periods, continents, and cultural traditions." - Cluadia Schmuckli

Our Curator-in-Charge of Contemporary Art and Programming, Claudia Schmuckli,...
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The Process of Discovery: Curator Claudia Schmuckli Talks Shop with Use All Five | Use All Five
Announcing a major acquisition of works by 22 African American artists from the Souls Grown Deep Foundation.

Works include paintings, sculptures, and quilts by artists including Thornton Dial, Bessie Harvey, Lonnie Holley, Joe Light, Ronald Lockett, Joe Minter, Jessie T. Pettway, Annie Mae Young, and Purvis Young.

This historic acquisition of contemporary art adds an integral chapter to our...
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Opening Saturday February 25th: 'Monet: The Early Years' (travelling from the Kimbell Art Museum in Forth Worth) the first major US exhibition devoted to the remarkable early phase of Claude Monet’s career.

Save the date and book tickets early -- this is sure to be a sell-out. For more information on the exhibition, tickets and related programming, visit:...
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