Lejuan James
Lejuan James
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When you can't handle dating a Hispanic Woman. #TeamLeJuan
Gabriela Blum Rowe
Allison Miceli
Maria Morales
Lejuan James
Lejuan James
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This should be interesting #TeamLeJuan
This should be interesting  TeamLeJuan
Daniel Gumenik
Natali D Gibson
Ana Filipe
Lejuan James
Lejuan James
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Always together like Rice & Beans #RedCarpet #Telemundo #TeamLeJuan
Always together like Rice Beans RedCarpet Telemundo TeamLeJuan
Jessica L Rivera-Morales
Christina Oliva
Sara O'Neill
Lejuan James
Lejuan James
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That one person who keeps interrupting the show. #TeamLeJuan
FINALLY! The first two episodes of Guerra de Ídolos are now live on Telemundo.com. Camila and I are hooked on this show!! Trust me you guys need to watch it!! It’s so GOOD!!! Premieres 4.24 at 8p/7c on Telemundo #ad
Shanea TaNya Rodz
Karla Ruiz de Torres
Jessica Acosta
Celebrating our Anniversary in the same place we had our First Date. Walt Disney World ❤ #TeamLeJuan
Celebrating our Anniversary in the same place we had our First Date
Glenda Brant-Ortiz
Cecilia Avitia
Elizabeth Rogers
Hispanic Star Wars #LeJuanMeetsBB8 #SWCO #TeamLeJuan
Lejuan James
Kindness Sarai
Kc Santos
Acompáñame en vivo mientras preparamos un delicioso Jamón Dulce Sureño a Cocción Lenta con Pork Te Inspira

¡Espero que Lemom James los inspire a que preparen una sabrosa cena para toda tu familia con esta deliciosa receta! Puedes encontrar la receta completa aquí: bit.ly/2kkazNN #SabrososMomentos #TeamLeJuan
Andrea Artunduaga
Doreen Arroyo
Evamarie Masini Belcher
When you ask a Hispanic Women if they're still Mad. Ft CamilaaInc #TeamLeJuan
Daniel Trujillo
Magdie Villarreal-Montiel
Alex Cavazos
Going to the Pool with Hispanic Parents. #TeamLeJuan
Madeline Dickson
Linnette Y. Valle Valle
Leon Roman Isa
"Voy a comprar algo rápidito, espérame ahí" - Mom #GrowingUpHispanic #TeamLeJuan
"Voy a comprar algo rápidito espérame ahí" Mom GrowingUpHispanic TeamLeJuan
Loly Margarita Guerrero Jimenez
Nicole Ayala
Jamille Roman Dlr
When Hispanic Parents complain about cleaning your Room. #WaterBottles #TeamLeJuan
Daniel Trujillo
David Cruz Sr
Tatiana Vera
Mexico can make you do crazy things, especially when you have TEQUILA in you! ????‍♂ #25FootDrop #TeamLeJuan
Andres DeJesus
Rosa Lopez
Cindy Raquel
Órale, Guey!!! QUE VIVA MÉXICO!!! #Mexico #TeamLeJuan
Órale Guey QUE VIVA MÉXICO Mexico TeamLeJuan
Lejuan James
Miriam Lopez
Janet Diaz
They cheating bro.... we ain't never going to sleep on this boat #WeLit #1amAirHockey #CruiseLife #TeamLeJuan
Adaly Quintana
Jholivan Otero
Eduardo Lopez
Happy Birthday to my Queen. CamilaaInc I love this picture so much of Camila that I just could not resist sharing it. She about 2 yrs old in this one with her grandmother in St.Croix. (Camila is Cruzan & Puerto Rican) What a blessing you are to all of us Cam. Te amo tesoro, gracias por ser tan increíble. Feliz Cumpleaños que Diosito te me bendiga y te de mucha salud para disfrutar muchos años...
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Happy Birthday to my Queen CamilaaInc I love this picture so much
Anelly Sánchez Escobar
Helena Edwards
Lilia Oliden
On to our next adventure!!! & this time we are going on a family cruise to celebrate CAMILA's BIRTHDAY. She turning 25 today!!! We are going to party in this cruise like only Hispanic's can #TeamLeJuan
On to our next adventure this time we are going on a
Leanne Vélez
Awilda Matias
Keishla Leslieann Aloyo
Me after the game last night ⚾ #ProudBoricua #OrgullosoDelElEquipo #LatinosUnido #TeamLeJuan
Canice Canales
Juan Olmos Santana
Delvys De Jesus
What a tournament!!! I'm so proud of my island's. What a way to compete and represent for the Hispanic community. Congratulations to all the teams that competed especially all my latinos! #Venezuela #Colombia #Mexico #Cuba #DominicanRepublic #PuertoRico #USA ⚾???? #TeamLeJuan
What a tournament Im so proud of my islands What a way
Cinthya Marie
Brayan Barranco Fajardo
Sumi Rd
Every Puerto Rican Currently ⚾ #HayQueTenerFéSeñores #TeamLeJuan
Every Puerto Rican Currently ⚾️ HayQueTenerFéSeñores TeamLeJuan
Lejuan James
Lilliam Sequeira Garbanzo
Hailey Roque
In world filled with negativity I can only hope that my videos bring happiness into everyone's life. It's always so humbling to see how much everyone appreciated what I do. 3 yrs ago I could have never imagined posting videos and receiving millions of views overnight. I'll never take this blessing God has giving me for granted. #TeamLeJuan
In world filled with negativity I can only hope that my videos
Michelle Perez
Christopher J Jusino
Malinda Figueroa