Lejuan James
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" Si no te gusta. MUDATE! " -Mami #TeamLeJuan
Lejuan James
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When they turn the Club lights On. #tbt #TeamLeJuan
Lejuan James
02/20/2017 at 02:16. Facebook
Every year she surprises me with a themed cake. This year choice... sports! ⚾ #MyGirlSuperPopping #LuckyGuy #TeamLeJuan
Lejuan James
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Why is it we never know what to do when they sing us Happy Birthday #BirthdayDinner #TeamLeJuan
Lejuan James
02/19/2017 at 16:34. Facebook
When you're Hispanic and they wake you up singing Happy Birthday!

Thank you God for another year of life. Thank you for my health. Thank you for my family. Thank you for all the people that support me and thank you God for always being by my side. #BirthdayBoy #27 #TeamLeJuan
The key to a successful relationship is CONSISTENCY. Always be the man she fell in love with. Happy Valentines Day Mi Amor #80Roses #TeamLeJuan
Times are different and most of our photograph memories live on social media instead of the traditional picture frames. I made a comment a couple months back to Camila on how much I miss seeing pictures around the house. I grew up around it, my grandmothers house was filled with them. Camila didn't even acknowledged my comment, she acted as if she dint hear me talking. So I thought.... Today...
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When you're Single on Valentines Day.❤ #TeamLeJuan

Visit PorkTeInspira.com for delicious recipes you're sure to fall in love with! #SabrososMomentos
The highest level of competition in a Hispanic House goes down at the Domino Table! #TooManyArguments #WeDestroyingThem #CamilaTight #lol #TeamLeJuan
Fun Fact About Me: I was born in Providence, Rhode Island. Moved to Camuy, PR as a kid and went to Santo Domingo, RD every summer. #TeamLeJuan
Coaching Conversation during the #SuperBowl #TeamLeJuan
Que rico se siente cuando terminas de lavar tu carro. #R35 #GTR #TeamLeJuan
When Hispanic Parents lecture you about friends. #TeamLeJuan
It's just part of being Hispanic #TeamLeJuan
Glad to inform everyone Lemom James is finally home and recovering #GraciasADios #TeamLeJuan
When you ask your Girlfriend/Boyfriend to scratch your Back. #TeamLeJuan
Thanking God as my mother's surgery today went well. Today's has been an emotional rollercoaster for my family and I. Life is so fragile guys, please always remind your family how much you love them! So proud of you Mom you did amazing Lemom James I LOVE YOU!
For privacy reasons we would like to keep her reason for being operated undisclosed but we wanted to ask everyone to keep her in your...
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Dear Men, The sooner you understand this. The sooner you will find happiness.
Sincerely, LeJuan #TeamLeJuan
Hispanic Morning's Be Like #TeamLeJuan