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Kiwi innovation at its finest!
Kiwi innovation at its finest!
We're shaking up the bikkie game! Get amongst it!
Where are you headed to soak up the last of summer?
Grab some mates and enjoy a box of our L&P Summer Edition cans, celebrating the hot spots and summer stops Aotearoa has on offer.
Be in to WIN with our new limited edition L&P summer cans and 600ml bottles. Tell us your most loved hot spot or summer stop to enter to be in to WIN a $500 travel voucher. Entries close midnight on 24th Jan. Winner chosen 25.01.17 and announced on the comments section below. The winner must be NZ based and will be chosen at L&P’s sole discretion.
One very very talented Wintec music student has put together this Kiwi classic song using another Kiwi classic (you might know it) as the key musical instrument......#poiE #landpsoundsgood
Just look at this incredible photo. What could these three powerhouses be talking about?
Maybe they’re solving a world problem. Or maybe they’re combining their smarts for some new, grand moneymaking venture. Or maybe they’re conspiring to take over the dairy.
Find out in Season 3 of L&P Live, featuring Tim, Guy, and special guests, out Thursday nights! #LandPLive
ASMR: [ Wikipedia.org Link ]
It’s that tingly feeling you get when a sound is made directly in your ear, and people are using it to get MILLIONS of views online. So Tim & Guy have made the first ever ASMR video set in a dairy. So put on your headphones and crank up the volume, because things are about to get whispery: [ Youtu.be Link ].
#LandPLive #WhisperWhisperWhisper
Technology’s pretty smart, but it still can’t get a handle on the New Zealand accent.
In this week’s L&P Live, likely lads Tim and Guy have a lengthy debate with an inanimate piece of technology working off pre-programmed code. So who wins? The tech or the New Zealanders? Video’s there, you know what to do. #LandPLive #LifesABeech
Introducing the all-new, limited edition L&P Chilli & Lime!
You get some perks for hosting L&P’s talk show set in a dairy, and one of those is being one of the first to taste a new L&P. Check out Tim & Guy’s reaction, then head to your nearest dairy, corner store, or supermarket, and giz it a go yourself. #LandPLive #ChilliandLime
Animal expert Sanjay Patel is back in this all-new, all-wild L&P Live.
What has he brought in for Tim & Guy this time? Well if you’ve seen the thumbnail for the video, you already know. If it’s autoplaying, you probably aren’t even reading this. So we can say anything we want! He’s brought in a cloned velociraptor. #LandPLive #TheyDoMoveInHerds
Exciting news - there’s a new, limited edition L&P on the way. Whoa!
Any guesses what it might be? #LandPandWHAAAAT #BitDifferentAye