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The ultraportable Yoga 510 is sleeker than the previous generation - perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle! [ Lnv.gy Link ]
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They say chocolate is better than… most things #Chocoholics #Nom #Lenovo #LoveDifferently
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This is no ordinary PC. The flexible Yoga 300 transforms effortlessly from a PC to a tablet in no time. Lenovo #Yoga300
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Act and the #MotoZ reacts by responding to your motions and gestures. Simply twist your wrist to open the camera, never let great shots slip away and with two chops downward for a flashlight, keep darkness at bay! #DifferentisBetter [ Lnv.gy Link ]
Happy #ValentinesDay everyone! Let's unleash the #LOVE today - Lenovo style. #DifferentIsBetter
It's Friday and time to play. Can you work this out? #LenovoPlay
We take leveling up very seriously. Even our art is at a different level. #DifferentisBetter
"We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain" - Stephen Hawking. Always be careful on the Internet. You don't get bouncers for your Google searchers #InternetSecurityDay
The modern library is not a place where you get shushed for talking. Say hello to the library of the future #DifferentisBetter [ Lnv.gy Link ]
Dr. Takacs relies on his ThinkPad’s performance, reliability and portability to power his work in any environment he is in. [ Lnv.gy Link ]
Hands up if you are ready for the week! #DifferentisBetter [ Lnv.gy Link ]
Weekdays, weekend does not matter! Wherever you are, Lenovo is there. :)
Good morning! Getting up is not easy for everyone. What is your morning routine? #goodmorning #coffeetime #breakfast #wakeup #getup
Don’t you just hate it when you accidentally clicked close instead of clicking a new tab? Ease the hassle with this tech hack!
From robots & zombies to Lenovo AR, the weird & wonderful from the world's largest #tech show. [ Lnv.gy Link ]
There is somethings strange about this image. Can you spot it? We made it easy this week ;) #LenovoPlay
Ignore the everyday resolutions, and do something different this year. #DifferentIn2017 #DifferentIsBetter
Our friend Scott thinks doing Yoga is great but collecting Yogas is even better. We would have to agree! What does your collection look like?