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Happy National Hugging Day! Don't forget to share the love.
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Wave goodbye to airport security nightmares with the Lenovo P2. Its 3 day battery life means you can leave that emergency charger in your suitcase!
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Introducing the Lenovo P2, with a battery-life of up to 3 days, it's the perfect companion for your weekend adventures...
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Ignore the everyday resolutions, and do something different this year. #DifferentIn2017
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The guys at Three UK took a closer look at our new Lenovo P2 smartphone. Find out their thoughts in the video below...
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Check out this incredible piece of artwork created by Jaimus Tailor on the Lenovo Yoga Book! Find out more about the Yoga Book here: [ Lnv.gy Link ]
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Ever wondered if ThinkPads are really waterproof, but been too afraid to check? That's what we're here for...
Introducing the beautiful Lenovo P2 ???? Make your Friday fabulous and order yours today: [ Po.st Link ]
Introducing the brand new Lenovo P2…!

Up to 3 days of battery life ✔
Rapid charging (6hrs with only 15mins charge) ✔
5.5 AMOLED Display ✔
Full metal design ✔

Available exclusively at Three UK [ Three.co.uk Link ]
Here's an idea for a resolution: catch up with those films you've been meaning to see! #DifferentIn2017
New year, new laptop. Time to go back to work in style. #NewYear
17 Products. 58 Awards. Thank you! #LenovoCES #CES2017
Our new Miix 720 went down well at #CES2017 this week - just ask TechRadar...

Lenovo’s Miix 720 is a killer 2-in-1 gunning for the Surface Pro

Our VR headset is making serious waves at #CES2017. Haven't tried it on yet since this guy's been hogging it all week. #LenovoCES
We're getting creative at #CES2017. Find out more: [ Lenovo.com Link ]
We just launched our brand new ThinkPad X1 Carbon at #CES2017. Pocket-lint seem to be big fans

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (2017) preview: The best business laptop money can buy? - Pocket-lint

Welcome to Las Vegas, where we're busy launching products at #CES2017! #LenovoCES
HAPPY 2017! What better way to start the year than with brand new #Sherlock?