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Americans favor protecting the environment even at the risk of limiting energy supplies such as oil, gas and coal, and opt for developing alternative energy sources.

Americans Tilt Toward Protecting Environment, Alternative Fuels

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Imagine a world where polluting, resource-intensive cow, pig, and chicken farms are replaced with giant tanks of fast-growing salmon. It might be a strange view of agriculture, but a potential huge shift in how we feed the planet.

Replacing Farms With Fish Farms: The Odd Solution To Both Hunger And Climate Change | Fast Company

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Learn about the great work being done by LDF partner, Defenders of Wildlife, to protect the Mexican gray wolf.

Mexican gray wolf population bounces back in Southwest

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Congrats to LDF partners Tompkins Conservation who have helped create a massive network of parks in Chile.
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Responsible aquaculture is the most resource efficient animal protein on the planet, and is a viable, sustainable solution to meeting the rising demand for protein. As our global population increases, natural resources are in jeopardy, leaving ecosystems on the brink of total collapse. I’m proud to invest in Love The Wild, an innovative company pioneering responsible aquaculture as a...
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Love The Wild

Great work from LDF partner, Rainforest Action Network. Learn more.

Exclusive Look Into How Rare Elephants' Forests Are Disappearing

Proud of the work LDF partner, Ten Strands, has done to integrate environmental literacy in California’s public schools.

California renews push to promote environmental literacy in schools

The statement by Scott Pruitt, the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, contradicts scientific consensus that carbon dioxide is heating the planet.

E.P.A. Chief Doubts Consensus View of Climate Change

Calling on defenders of the planet: nonprofit conservation, climate and sustainability organizations. Read #TheRoadmap and sign up for the #EarthDayChallenge. $300,000 in prizes:

Click here to support Earth Day Roadmap Climate Challenge by The Roadmap

Trump administration programs that would diminish environmental safeguards will affect the health of billions of people in the US and around the globe.

The Environmentalist No. 1: a scientific defense of the environment, health

The island of Ta'u in American Samoa now boasts a solar microgrid from Tesla's SolarCity.

How a Pacific Island Changed From Diesel to 100% Solar Power

The island of Ta'u in American Samoa now boasts a solar microgrid from Tesla's SolarCity.

How a Pacific Island Changed From Diesel to 100% Solar Power

UCSC Climate Conference brought together top climate scientists and policy experts for a series of talks and panel discussions.

Climate change experts focus on solutions in face of shifting U.S. policy

A study published on Wednesday, March 1, 2017, details a new way of measuring the ability of reefs to draw sharks, rays and other large predators that could improve conservation efforts.

Predatory fish depletion and recovery potential on Caribbean coral reefs

The students at Grinnell are continuing to do incredible work to help save our planet. Watch the video to see how they called on Wells Fargo to divest from Dakota Access Pipeline.
Are you doing amazing work to protect our planet? Share photos today with #ResistanceMonday.
On Earth Day, April 22 the March for Science will take place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. Join and support our scientists.

March for Science in Washington DC | Earth Day Network

At the turn of the 20th century, there were a few million African elephants. Today, less than 500,000 remain. Elephants are killed every day for their tusks. LDF is proud to partner with Wildlife Conservation Network to end the ivory crisis through the Elephant Crisis Fund. To date, together we’ve driven $9M to 130 projects to protect elephants. Join us on today on #WorldWildlifeDay: [ Bit.ly...
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Battling the Ivory Crisis

Incredible work is being done by LDF partner, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to protect the vaquita. Find out how you can help here: [ Seashepherd.org Link ]

Before Vaquitas Vanish, a Desperate Bid to Save Them