Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
06/23/2017 at 23:01. Facebook
Thanks to the work of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation partners, 100% campaign and Mark Jacobson, communities and businesses are showing that 100% clean energy from the wind, water and sun is possible and already happening. Proud to support their continued great work of advancing a healthy, safe, equitable and prosperous future for all of us.
Thanks to the work of Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation partners 100 campaign and

Academic disputes and posturing politicians can’t stop clean energy

Anastasia Michailov
Lauren Owens
Anna Fernandes
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
06/23/2017 at 18:21. Facebook
From the Ashes, available in full on Facebook through July 2, is a new documentary on how the coal industry affects all Americans. As the biggest contributor to climate change, this fuel harms our environment, public health and the economy – the film looks at the industry’s legacy and future as coal communities around the country transition to cleaner, safer energy. Learn more: [...
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From the Ashes available in full on Facebook through July 2 is

From the Ashes

Tami Wasson
Maximilian Wiecek
Shoba Viswanath
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
06/23/2017 at 16:22. Facebook
Proud to team up with Represent to protect our oceans. Every purchase of our Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation oceans apparel will benefit ocean conservation organizations like Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Get yours here: [ Represent.com Link ]
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been removing threats to the smallest porpoise in the world, the critically endangered vaquita. There are...
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Proud to team up with Represent to protect our oceans Every purchase

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation – Oceans

Alexandra Airplane
Mary Cecilio
Drew Kurvink
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
06/21/2017 at 20:14. Facebook
Virginia has long been coal country, but the solar power industry has been increasing its foothold in the Commonwealth over the last few years. And now,
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/21/2017

For First Time in History, Solar Jobs Outnumber Coal Jobs in Virginia

Kyle Lockhause
Eoin Garland
Tami Wasson
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
06/21/2017 at 00:04. Facebook
We must protect our oceans. By purchasing a limited-edition Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation oceans t-shirt or sweatshirt you will directly support programs like Global Fishing Watch (pictured here) and their ocean conservation efforts. Represent.com/LDF
Global Fishing Watch is an online platform that launched in September 2016 by Google in partnership with Oceana and Skytruth, to provide...
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We must protect our oceans By purchasing a limitededition Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation – Oceans

Cynthia Edie
Hans Erjefält
Vincenza Marie Benzie
Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio
06/20/2017 at 16:51. Facebook
Join me in protecting our oceans. Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is teaming up with Represent to raise awareness of ocean conservation, and to support the work of our partners on the ground. Join us by purchasing a limited-edition LDF oceans t-shirt or sweatshirt – your contribution will directly support our partners and their ocean conservation efforts as we help them expand the impact of their...
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Join me in protecting our oceans Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation is teaming up

Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation – Oceans

Stephanie Hoke
Leasha Massey
David A. VonGerwing
The National Grid says alternative fuel generated more electricity than coal and gas in the UK on Wednesday.
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/19/2017

Renewables provide more than half UK electricity for first time - BBC News

Alice Darby
Tiffany Britt-Hooker
Dennis Broe-Ward
So about those coal jobs: Turns out replacing coal with solar could keep a lot more people alive.
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/09/2017

Coal to solar switch could save 52,000 US lives per year — The Daily Climate

Victoria Scott
Leanne Mitchell
Matthew S. Rhodes
Now more than ever, the world is looking for bold leadership at every level to tackle climate change and environmental conservation issues. I am honored to work with President Peña Nieto to ensure the future viability of marine life in the Gulf. This action is a critical step towards ensuring that the Gulf of California continues to be both vibrant and productive, especially for species like...
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Now more than ever the world is looking for bold leadership at
Eduardo Lugo
Liz GV de Q
David Becker
Surveys taken throughout 2016 show escalating impact from north to south, with 70% of shallow water corals dead north of Port Douglas
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/07/2017

Coral bleaching on Great Barrier Reef worse than expected, surveys show

Natalie Murdoch
Amanda Barton
J.p. Young
Conservation agriculture requires less fertiliser and less labour for weeding and preparing land, but best benefit is its ability to weather drought
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/05/2017

Indonesian farmers befriend soil to protect harvests from climate stress

Lesley Wise
Esmeralda Arredondo
Beverley Hope
Thank you National Geographic Asia for airing #BeforetheFlood for free. We must continue to educate and move forward.
Edon Zogaj
Harald Vos
Tamara Wells
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/02/2017

#ClimateMayors adopt, honor and uphold #ParisAgreement goals

Helena Marttila
Mike Edwards
Marlene Autio-Horne
The facts on the economic opportunities also underline how the Paris agreement works to the national interest of countries.
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/01/2017

Why Trump Must Keep The US In The Paris Climate Agreement

Carolle Lavoie
Kristine Madden
Daphne Boyce
Take action now and urge Trump to make the right decision today. #ParisAgreement
Take action now and urge Trump to make the right decision today ParisAgreement

Tell Trump: Don't Withdraw From Paris!

Whitney Free
Amanda Woodrow
Alan Clingan
A great reminder that the future is in our hands. Thank you, California, for leading where Washington won’t. #FossilFree #SB100

California Senate Passes Landmark Bill for 100% Renewable Electricity by 2045

Carolle Lavoie
Grammie OBrien
Carol Hoover
Joseph Robertson: A 21st-century American infrastructure agenda depends on the Paris Agreement
Leonardo DiCaprio 06/01/2017

Endorsing the Paris Agreement is Trump’s best opportunity for a big win | Joseph Robertson

Jami Watson
Evelyn Tanaka
Josh Welsh
Quedan menos de 30 vaquitas. #salvemosALaVaquita #Saveourheritage. Actúa ahora. [ Panda.org Link ]
Leonardo DiCaprio 05/31/2017

WWF - Golfo de California: Salva a las últimas 30 vaquitas

Tami Wasson
Krystyna Chlipalski
Tutis Luna
The state has been at the leading edge of the resistance to President Trump. But of all the battles, none have the global implications of climate change.
Leonardo DiCaprio 05/30/2017

Fighting Trump on Climate, California Becomes a Global Force

Carolle Lavoie
Calum Stewart
Gio Conte
"It's unfortunate that there's anybody who may be qualified for the job but who’s unwilling to use the science at his disposal to make policy." - Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation CEO, Terry Tamminen
Its unfortunate that theres anybody who may be qualified for the job

Scott Pruitt's first 100 days at the EPA have shown he's unlike any former chief

Marlene Autio-Horne
Beverly McCoy
Ruben Angel Flores Jr.