Arnold Schwarzenegger wasn't going to let an internet troll get away with making fun of the Special Olympics. This is awesome!

Internet Troll Makes Fun Of Special Olympics, So Arnold Schwarzenegger Teaches Him A Lesson
Alisa Beal, an army wife from North Carolina, struggled with her weight for years. While her husband Terrance was stationed overseas, Alisa told him she had undergone a drastic transformation and not to expect her to look the same when he returned. When he came home and saw Alisa, she definitely looked different — just not in the way he expected

Army Wife Tells Husband She Transformed While He Was Deployed, But He’s About To See She Lied
An elderly man known as “Mr. Frank” by his community received a hateful letter from a neighbor one day addressing his Christmas lights and other decorations he hadn’t taken down yet. When he showed his other neighbors what the note said, they couldn’t believe it. Knowing that Mr. Frank didn’t deserve this kind of treatment, they all decided to act.

Elderly Man Leaves Christmas Lights Up, Then Neighbor Sends Nasty Letter Telling Him To Move Out
17-year-old Daniel wanted so badly to attend his school's homecoming dance. He has Down syndrome, and sadly he was turned down by the girls he asked. But on the night of the dance, Daniel's mom walked outside and couldn't believe what she saw in the driveway.

Teen Son Is Rejected Before Homecoming Dance. But When A Stranger Shows Up, Mom Loses It
Sarah was working at Ruby Tuesday when she overheard two servicewomen discussing their financial struggles. Sarah, a hardworking single mom, knew exactly what her customers were going through — so she paid the servicewomen's $27.75 bill herself.

Sarah didn't think anyone would find out about her kind act. But when Ellen DeGeneres brought her on TV to "pay back the $27.75," Ellen stood up to...
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Waitress Pays Struggling Soldier’s Tab, But When Ellen Stands Up To Praise Her, She’s Stunned
Do you ever accidentally call your loved ones by the wrong name?

The reason why is quite fascinating..

Why Do Moms So Often Mix Up Their Kids’ Names? The Answer Is Fascinating
If stored properly, these little teeth might just save their lives...

Doctors Are Urging Parents Everywhere To Keep Their Kids’ Baby Teeth
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